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Bumper Stickers


I enjoy reading people's bumper stickers when stuck in morning traffic, and I realized that I have not seen even a percentage of them out there. How about sharing the wisdom off the tail of the joker who cut you off? Best or worst, they are worth a second glance...

My favorites:
"Women bikers ride harder."
"Yes this is my truck. No I wont help you move!"

"Golfers always find the hole."


I like the truck one.

There aren't enough witty, original ones. Most have been insanely over produced. The only real good one I've seen is "I love cats. They taste just like chicken." It's kinda funnier if you have a cat. They're all fucking crazy.

Stickers that suck ass:
* Anything that says "honor student"
* Honk if _______________
* Calvin peeing on something
* PETA stickers. Fuck you, I'm eating meat every day.
* Those super gay stickers that have little stick figures of everyone in the family. No one cares.


My gf just bought one at a rollerderby game yesterday (she's a ref). It reads: "I hit girls".

It will be fun to see ppl's reaction to that one. :slight_smile:


I have a bumper sticker like that, and I'm not even involved in roller derby.


Rugby players eat thier dead...thought that was a good one.


I saw this bumper sticker on a '68 Ford pickup a few years ago:

"On A Quiet Night, You Can Hear A Ford Rust"