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Bump on Glute, What is It?

So i cant find any answers to my question, i did search but no one asked it the way i wanted it to be asked. So my rat did a 1cc shot of cyp and the day after he has a lump in the glute. Its been four days and its still there, he always keeps things sterile. There is no pain unless provoking it by touching too much, no redness, no finger indent, no fever. Also his dumb ass friend injected him and did it in about 13 seconss if that means anything. And also he alcohol swabbed the shit out of it before and burned going in he said if that also means anything. Any thoughts thanks guys!

Is this his first time ever pinning?

How big was the needle. And if the friend didn’t butt it you could have a surface depot, or a access. Is it warm to the touch. I have a buddy who has reactions to his injection and knots up

First cycle but not the first pin

25g 1" and i thinj its actually going down a little but still here

And its not warm

Just massage it, and wait. it will go away as the oil is absorbed into the muscle. try not to shoot in the same place every time. it doesnt take much to build up scar tissue.
We’ve all been there

Yeah sounds like he didn’t push in far enough as stud said massage and do your own injections. Make sure you get a inch in all the way. I use 1in on the glutes and 5/8 on everything else

Remember to allow the alcohol to dry at the injection site before injecting.