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Bump After First Testoviron-Depot Injection


Hi guys, quick question. I just shot my very first Testoviron-depot 1ml (250mg) pinching the fat on my buttocks. Question is: as it was not a IM shot I have a small bump now. Will this resolve and be effective? Can I use a 29 gauge 1/2 " insulin needle to inject oil based testosterone? I am looking to shoot once a week. Shall I do twice to see results in weight gaining? Thanks guys! Big help!


Yes, the lump will go away. Yes, a subcutaneous injection is just as effective as an intramuscular one. Yes you can use an insulin needle to inject testosterone, it just takes a little longer and you have to be more patient. Frequency of injection isn’t what causes muscle growth. That’s all training and diet. There are some injection protocols that are objectively better for overall growth, and those revolve around the basic principle of steady blood levels. That’s achieved through consistent dosing. Testoviron 250 has 50mg of test prop, which has a very short half life. For stable blood levels you’d shoot prop eod. But because it’s got 200mg test e in it you can get away with twice a week. At least that’s the (theoretical) reason it was designed in the first place.


Arent insulin needles super small like max 1ml? cutting it close there no?


Thank you! I’ll follow your advice


Yeah it’s only 1ml. If I back fill then it’s exactly as the dose. The ampuls are 1ml. I was just concerned about if T works with the short needle size. Thanks for your help


i think subq is fine for smaller amounts (i never did it), 1 ml maybe you will get a bump every time. Why not just use a regular longer needle?


This is just easier for the first time as the bigger needle is really much bigger looking. In my area only this, 23g 1" and bigger available. I will give a go of the 23 once I got a bit more relaxed about it. Thanks for your advices.


In my experience an insulin needle takes longer to pin and creates more irritation around the injection site, especially if the oil is thick, however it’s do-able.


Thank you! Bump disappeared but took 3 days. I think I’ll switch to deeper shots. Thank you for your help