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Bum Wearing Testosterone Shirt


I didn't think to snap a picture of this dude, though. I was getting off I-75 in Detroit today at Springwells rd. and at the top of the exit ramp this bum with a sign that said "Hungry" on it was sittin there. He was wearing the black Testosterone t-shirt! I asked him where he got it and he kinda mumbled something and said "garage sale", needless to say I gave him a couple bucks.


When my dad lived in houston i would go visit him and there was this guy named fred that would seriusly roll him self around on his skateboard bc he was an amputee. He would always wear a santa hat and bc of his sunny personality did pretty well panhandling. In fact, i saw him working out pretty regularly at the 24 Hour Fitness place even though i never worked out w/ fred.


i forgot to say that i saw him @ the gym wearing his prosthetic legs. I assume that he had it separated somewhere between his knees and hip joints for yall anatomy people


Dear Steven,

Thanks for the 2 bucks. Been saving up for some Grow!. Almost there.



haha, I forgot to mention it didn't look like he worked out.


I'm going to buy T-Nation shirts for all the bums in my downtown and make them take a picture together!


Hey Man,
Sorry for the hijack but I went to Tigers game yesterday and took Grand River all the way through Redford...very interesting people you go down there.


I worked at a startup software company a few years ago, and one time I saw a bum wearing one of our corporate t-shirts. Never figured out where he got it, though.


I saw a guy buying a keg of beer with the same shirt.


Maybe he read that keg tossing tip from a couple days ago, ha!