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Bum Knee


recently my home was burgalerized in the middle of the night. me and my step dad were up watching a movie and my step dad had rushed down stairs with a bat we had under the bed. unfortunatly he backed my dad up agianst the wall. I snuck up hehind him and struck him with a foldable chair. In the process however he whiped around and his crowbar hit me in my left knee.
the police were able to chase the guy down because he was out of it after i nailed him in the head earlier.

anyway the bar bashed my knee pretty well and ive been off it for a week. the doctor says to not do any leg stuff at the gym, but i decided to test it out. It extremely painful to go below parrelle on squats and quad stuff. the only thing managble i can do is some hammie stuff and deadlifts

  1. even though there is some pain, should i just hammmer the deadlift variations untill my knee gets better?
  2. is there some rehab stuff i can do, like light leg extentsions and stuff?


oops thanks for moving it here