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Bully Gets Slammed


I don't know if this have been posted before, but it sure needs to shown to those who haven't seen it. Fuckin' A!


yes it has been posted. it was also all over the local news here in san diego as well as every forum in existence.


That's how fast things go these days....the OP takes a week off and the two threads we had going for this video are likely on page 3 or 4 now.

I've found that T-Nation seems second to only 4chan for keeping up on the latest internet memes and funny videos. T-Nation is where I've learned about these things the first time.




^^ WTF!!

Amazing supe


That was AWESOME! Grounded by a little girl...


Follow up interview with Ritchard and Casey, for any interested.


^ sounds like a load of bull from the skinny kid.


The thing that really pisses me off about this video is the adult who says I dont think hitting is an appropriate response to bullying, What a Fuck Tard! this wasn't about a kid that was bullied and hit someone the bullying escalated to a assault and in defense of his own person after being cornered and obviously not wanting to fight he was assaulted and struck back, everyone has a right to protect themselves from harm.

This whole thing is tragic but you only have to pay attention to two things to gleen what really happened here in my opinion 1. If the skinny kid wasn't a bully why in the hell did he start a fight with the kid hes huge in comparison, just screams this kid has issues. 2. He still doesn't get it he admits to not being sorry and says he hit the bigger get cause he called him an idiot.

Break it down according to those two things alone.

Little scrawney kid gets called an idiot, faces off with a much larger kid and throws multiple unanswered punches.

Larger kid tries to leave is backed into the wall both hands held low non defensive or offensive and allows multiple punches to land on him before fighting back.

Seriously this is tragic shouldnt be open to debate this isnt just about bullying its also about ones right to self defense, I agree these are children and at this point they have all the time in the world to progress to upstanding citizens but right here right now it seems clear which child needs counciling for anger issues.

And a more cohesive plan needs to be put into place to assure this type of thing doesnt happen more than it does. But for now while not condoning violence of any kind from either side I don't have a problem with the biggers kids response although it could have been devastaing. I think that based on the bigger childs demeanor he gets it and will handle it better in the future the other child if they dont get him into counciling and change his attitude he is on a rd to nowhere fast.


What sold me on the fact it was shite is when Ritchard was asked if he felt sorry for what happened and he says "No...ermm, oh yea..." after glancing over at his father.

He's just a kid who has no idea wtf is going on just now and can't really process the whole thing. My sympathetic side feels sorry for his ass, but he did get what he deserved: 100%. It'll blow over soon enough and life will return to normal for them, but for their sake they should really just avoid any further "coached" interviews. It doesn't help.


ok ok this is funny and all but it is also childish. It is going way to far with the news broadcaster trying to make legit news out of it. Wtf this is not news


if you watch the kid who was the bully in this whole thing was trying to hold back a smile the whole time. as for casey he seemed to truly not be happy about the situation and was also able to maintain eye contact and be sincere.


If they tell Casey that hitting is not an approriate response he should say " I didnt hit the kid...I picked him up and propelled him into the ground!


I agree entirely-if that big kid is such a bully why was he standing there letting that little weasel throw punches at him? Good on him I say.


When I was a fat kid back in elementary school I was labeled a bully for getting in fights with older kids who would pick on me because I was often bigger than them so I was told I should know better than to hurt them.

Fuck that shit, when some one comes at you and keeps going after you say stop, even if it's not really hurting you at the current time, you have every right to make them stop by using necessary force. I don't feel sorry for the little prick - he angered a resting beast apparently and got what he deserved IMO.