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Bully Gets Beat Up





so sloppy on both ends


That made me laugh, he got what he deserved.


so many wiggers...so little time...


That kid is so getting handjobs from all of those girlies.




Did you guys see that bully!!!?? He was fucking JACKED!!




OMGOSH hes Hyuge! and still got pwn!




Yeah but it was all unfunctional muscle, wasn't it?


What a weedy ecto dickhead. And as for those brainless skanks crapping on the whole time....


We seriously need to keep this link handy to prove that everyone bigger than you doesn't know how to fight. Obviously.


"Am not takin this shit anymore BAM(punch to the noggin)!"



chach got what he deserved.


Awesome. He didn't quite go far enough. It's best to break a rib or two if he pulls that shit, so he thinks about you every time he breathes for the next few months. That'll tend to make sure he doesn't come back. Still, pretty sweet.


Seriously, bro. Make it so that he has to go to the hospital and risk getting the cops involved. Kick that little bitch as he lies on the ground and the neighborhood girls are catching it on camera. That's what's best, fa sho.

Otherwise, you just aren't hardcore enough.

edit: x2 on that kid getting mad handjobs.


lol I like how they all have ILS


Gotta agree with anonym here, that'd be fucking stupid. It's obvious who won and now the video is all over the internet, stuck on here forever. That's good enough.


Ha, I said the same thing at the end.