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Bully Beatdown


I don't know if it's been discussed before,but I get a huge kick out of the show. What stuns me is how these average clowns think they're somehow going to win. I'm surprised people can be that delusional.

Just this week some no leg guido douche steroid guy got hammered by Eddie Alveraz. A week or so ago some out of shape hobbit looking guy got knocked around so bad he wouldn't come around for the second round.

So my question is, for those who are actual fighters in the cage or have competed, do you deal with a lot of clowns who think they're tough, or are most of them smart enough to leave you alone.

And yes, I understand there are some tough, untrained meth head psychos out there. I'm talking about standard regular delusional joes.


I'm pretty confident the bullies are actually paid actors. The show is just way too cheesy and contrived. It's kind of awesome though.

I did see an episode where the bully took all of the money because the MMA pro couldn't get a tap or a knockdown. The "bully" actually stuffed a takedown and got on top of the pro in the scramble.


Mayhem talked about that on the Ellis show, he wasn't to happy about his performance. He mentioned how he begged him to be on the show, etc.

He maintains it's nit a setup, but whatever. I still enjoy it, I could see how it might be . Some if these bullies are pretty lame. Also, they increased the time if the rounds from three minutes to five minutes from last season. I'm sure to give the "victims" more cash


Watched one episode (the Mayhem one). Still, not a fan. It's good exposure though. When the public sees professional fighters toying with these guys (as we all know they should), it gives MMA credibility as well as publicity.
Can't comment on your question, not MMA just BJJ, but you'd think people not fucking with you in public would be more a function of your displayed size and muscularity. It's not like you walk around advertising your status as a fighter (unless you're Wanderlei Silva, then no one fucks with you).
Myself, I started catching a lot less shit in nightclubs and pubs when I went from 150 to 190 (which is 'big' around here, Asians lol).


You're right. I'm 5'7" and low 200s and people never bother me. I'm not aggressive , but aware of what's going on around me. I don't consider myself a fighter in any way. I get your point. If the show is legit I guess delusional fools are what they are. And if it's fake, well, that's acting.

My only self defense training was with firearms but that did help my awareness and seemed to help with my assessment of who is tough and potentially dangerous. But part of that is knowing that it's easy yo conceal a weapon so your way of looking at things is changed from the average persons I guess.


tom, I just thought of this after reading your post. "I'm not tough, but my 1911 is!"


silly civillians and their CCWs




concealed carry weapon




On one of the other mma forums, they mentioned that the "bully" receives income regardless of the outcome. If you actually manage to win a part of the $10,000, it is like a bonus.

I doubt that people are stupid enough to get in the cage with a professional unless they got something out of it.


they are bubbles in the air

you can pop these bullies easily

just show them how angry you are show them that it is a bad idea to mees with you even if you are weaker than them

works 100% and no violence


they are paid actors


Stupid as shit.

Love this show.