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this is simply me speaking my mind about something i noticed.i don't post around here much anyway, mostly a lurker.i started to read the uncooked oatmeal thread and saw that some people were worried about eating it.then some people decided it would be funny to make fun of some of the people in the thread because they wanted to keep talking about it, thinking it was too minor to talk about anymore.then i was over at the dog pound and there was a thread about three kinds of fish oil and all these minor little details about what they do.and some of the same exact people who were making fun in the one thread thought it was a great topic.its like some of the people who have been here awhile think theyre in some elite group who gets to decide whats important and whats not around here.and if they dont think its cool they just bash on others.what the fuck is that?i thought tmag was all about bettering yourself and just learning anything you can.and its like, and this is no disrespect to mr. berardi, if he discussed it then its deemed worthy to talk about.i think berardi is awesome and im interested in everything he says.and i bet if he wrote an article about uncooked oatmeal all of the sudden some of you would think it needs to be discussed.i just think theres a lot of hypocritical bullshit going on here sometimes and some people need to get off their high horse.if you dont like what people are talking about in a certain thread then dont fuckin reply.dont make fun of them.just dont reply.there i said it im done.


i forgot to mention the fish oil thread was asking about something berardi wrote, thats how his name came up.and i bet if someone asked him a question about the oatmeal he would be nice and answer to the best of his ability, not say something like "dude youre an idiot for worrying about it kettleballs are heavy dude"


i have seen alot of the dissing.. but i cant say much because i have done a lil of that too.. your right, t-mag is about learning all you can and bettering yourself spiritually and body wise.yea sure.. some guys are cocky, but we all are at some point or another


Personally I'm intrigued by the uncooked oatmeal question. I've been looking through all my food chemistry notes and textbooks to find out what the significant difference is. Does cooking change the micronutrient makeup of the cereal? Does it change the metabolism? Can it offer more/less fiber to the GI tract? etc.
I'll figure it out this weekend, and let you know what I come up with.

But yes, I agree, that thread got a little out of control. I'll have to tell my future husband Goldberg to smarten up. Bad Goldie, bad! Spank!


I felt the same way as you when I first started hanging out here. And some of the "Vets", believe it or not, have increased T levels and sometimes sound quite condescending, and down right cocky. I think some may even say it borders on arrogance. But here's a secret, they have been around awhile, most really know what they are talking about. The information they share is valuable and usually right on the money. Develop a "Bullshit" filter and run all posts through it as you read them, gleaning the info and dropping the crap. Every once in awhile your filter will clog and you'll have to rant to clean it out, this is ok.
After you been here awhile and see the amount of dumbass questions that pop up You'll start to understand from where the attitude comes, I don't agree with it, but I can sure as hell understand it nowadays.
Also, quit Lurking, Post and converse. How are we supposed to get to know you if you stay hidden in the shadows? Don't sweat the small stuff, my friend. Learn, eat, grow!!!!


The topic in the dog pound was about one type of fish oil. They were discussing a study and the 3 different dosages in this study. The study had different results for the 3 dosages.


This too shall pass my son.


It's about time someone brought this up and I wholeheartedly agree! There seems to be the "elite group" that thinks they're big shit and have a smartass remark for almost every post. At the top of the list is Diesel23 and Goldberg. Do us a favor and get a life besides flaming someone. You'll also notice that if you're one of the elite group that you don't get flamed for bringing up a subject or question that someone else would get flamed for with the same topic. What really gets me fuming is that some of the flamers have only 2-3 years of lifting under their belt. Would you ever flame anyone in Coach Davies group? No, because he has set the standard of the code of conduct.


The difference between 3 grams of fish oil and 9 grams of fish oil is about twenty pills per day. That is a big deal. Thats not minutia. Thats worrying if im wasting ten dollars per day by taking way too much fish oil. Good try though.


Also its really easy just to "lurk" around and then pop in whenever you feel like it and not leave yourself open to criticism. But again thats the beauty of the internet isnt it. The ability to remain anonymous.


F'in newbies.

Just because you don't understand why someone says what they do or get the humor of it does not mean that it is lacking in value or comedy.

Goldberg is one of the funnies and most helpful posters here. I'm not saying you shouldn't question what he says, but if you're going to do so, also question your own understanding of what he's trying to say. To assume that the communciation breakdown is his fault is the height of stupidity.

And find the shift key.


Ill also point you in the direction of "If They Had The Balls" article by TC this week. If you wanna blast me you gotta blast him too because we are both doing the same thing. You guys kill me. Lets all hold hands


And in the immortal words of my hero Barry Bonds,"Im not cocky, Im good." Haha. And as much as i would like to be in the elite group, im gonna have to increase my total by about 300 lbs before i get there. thanks for the compliment though.


From Cassanova's post:

"But yes, I agree, that thread got a little out of control. I'll have to tell my future husband Goldberg to smarten up. Bad Goldie, bad! Spank!"

Tell me it ain't so Cassanova! Goldberg! The bald, chubby cheerleader with too much money? Is there no sense of fairness left in the world? I'm gonna fall on my sword and commit howie cowie.


anyone else?


Avoids Roids-Too much money to pay back!


Looks like you guys chased the dissenters back to MensFitness.com!


Great post, BTW, Phat...


Yeah, it's par for the course on this board for there to be some levity or lampooning in a serious post -- even from the vets. I read some other boards on completely different topics and I haven't really seen that before -- but I don't think it's mean-spirited. (Of the boards I read, it's also the board with the least regard for the conventions of the English language. And I thought that IT geeks were bad for that.)

There is a lot of diversity in age, training style, diet, etc. so I guess it's bound to happen. I lurked for a very, very long time before I posted anything and really only started as a way to help keep intensity in my training after a long period of having little. So far I'm enjoying it a lot.

Honestly, the whole diet catechism doesn't hold as much interest for me so I don't read those posts too often. Some folks need it or want it and that should be cool. Honestly, I stopped reading the oatmeal thread with the words "releasing energy" or something like that, which was long before the levity ensued. (I'm not a big oatmeal fan anyway, but I do have to disgree with Goldberg on one point. It's not the kind of fiber that has much to do with your bowels moving. If it were, I wouldn't have to eat what is basically landscape bark in a box.)

I think that most people here are well-meaning and it's good to keep that in mind when you're reading the posts. (On the other hand, the comments on Musclehead2000's picture are brutal. I hope to god that wasn't a serious post. I can't stop laughing.)


Anon buddy you hit it right in the head.

Some of you old regulars better tone down your character - or get rid of that fuckin hipocrisy.

Boo hoo, who cares about Oatmeal, but hey, lets talk about 3 types of fish oil and all the intricacies of each of them and how they differ in their benefits...



Diesel your calling me a dumbass when you didnt know the difference between abduction and adduction and you claimed a solid knowledge of anatomy. Thats the first thing they cover in class!

And the reason the fish oil thread was important was that the difference between 3 grams and 9 grams of fish oil is about 8 dollars per day. That is a big deal.