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bullshit fitness products

Had insomnia last night,(after leg day) and was watching various infocommercials,and was busy laughing a the Q-t bracelet that will magically relieve your pain,and got to thinking about all the bullshit products(ab rollers,electronic ab stimulators,dickhead gym sets for the socially impaired,so on and so on) and got to thinking about what was the most bullshit product I had come across. After pondering this ever important subject my vote goes to Muscle in a bottle that Steve Garvey used to peddle. Take pills and develop a lean muscular body. Just curious as to what bullshit fitness idea or product do t-maggers think is the all time king of shitsville???

Anything sold by Tony Little has my vote. The man just drives me nuts. A few years ago, there was an expose on fitness products, and there he was. They slowed down the tape from one of his infomercials, and he can be heard to say “these people (the models ) haven’t actually used the product.” Something about FTC restrictions, he had to stick that in there, but he says it so fast, you can’t hear it at normal speed. BTW, there’s another Paul out there who’s a regular contributor, so I’ll be posting as Paulee now.