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Bullfighting & Fox Hunting Bans


In 2004 the British parliament passed the Hunting Act which banned fox hunting in England and Wales. Fox hunting in Britain pre-dates the Roman era and is the longest continually practiced sport on earth. In Germany fox hunting was first banned on the initiative of Hermann Goring in 1934 and in 1939 the ban was extended to cover Austria after the Anschluss.

Bullfighting has now been banned in Catalonia, the last ever corrida de toros in Barcelona last month brought to an end more than 600 years of tradition and culture. Spain's leading broadcaster announced a ban on televised bullfights "to protect children from viewing violence."

What say you about these bans? Good idea? Assault on our culture and heritage?


Killing of animals as sport can be said to be cruel, but hell we kill off thousands and millions of
animals for food. So I say a ban is reduntant, So I say laissez-fair.


The more we attempt to insulate our kids from death, the more they grow up without understanding the permanence to consequences to actions. I am not suggesting they view torture, yada yada yada....but do you ever wonder why the kids that are introduced to the "natural path" at the youngest ages tend to be the most responsible with regard to violence and crime? (partying and adolescent brawls aside, I am talking serious) it's because they get the permanence of consequences some of your serious actions have.

I vote a clear destruction of culture and tradition. Nature is cruel herself, often more cruel than anything we humans can dream up: anybody who tells you different is somebody who has never spent much time in nature or atudying it. Ie--a desk jockey hippie.

I will say that even though I side against the bans, I understand the concept of banning bullfighting....on TV (or having a minimum age to view)....since in a hunt the fox is not taunted and stabbed in non-deadly ways for time on end before a final coupe de grace.


I don't know. I saw a bullfight and it made me feel sick, but no sicker than when I went to a slaughterhouse (my dad grew up on a farm; he made me). I still eat steak. Horse racing is just as nasty a sport, with horses often put down mid-race and you don't hear any great outcry about that.

I would agree with Aragorn a minimum age rule, say, 14, on bullfighting and banning on TV should be a bare minimum though


I'd have to disagree about an age minimum. Firstly you could only televise at a later time and give it a rating neither of which would prevent kids seeing it. But also because I don't see it as something that children shouldn't see. There's so much sick stuff on television that should be of far more concern in my opinion. Bullfighting is not about torturing the bull or glorifying killing or anything of course so I don't see why kids shouldn't be able to watch it.

You've got to admire the courage, grace and skill of the toreros and the spirit of the bulls regardless of what you think about the morality of the sport.


Bullfighting and fox hunting are totally different.

A hunt is a hunt. An eagle after a rabbit, a wolf on deer, a human on a fox.

It's a shame people who have probably never even been hunting to know what it's like are banning it.

Bullfighting traps an animal, forces it to fight for it's life and glorifies it's torture and ultimate demise.

While I believe using tools for hunting is acceptable, as humans are relatively soft in nature but our brains give us a definite survival edge, cornering a bull and then applying unnatural force to display dominance is a weak show of effort and abusive.

Let the matador at the bull with his bare hands and see who is stronger.


Bad ideas, especially the ban on bullfighting.

Bullfighting is a kind of sport and art, and the meat was often given away to poor people.

"Bullfighting is the only art in which the artist is in danger of death and in which the degree of brilliance in the performance is left to the fighter's honour." - Ernest Hemingway


I've been saying this for years. Sooner or later all forms of hunting are going to become illegal. its starting now. The hunting of animals is disgusting to me. anyone that can justify the murder of innocent beings is beyond me. We have no right to take others lives. I applaud these bans, and won't be happy till its a capital crime to kill an animal and the same penalty for killing an animal will be the same as killing a "human."


Ok, are you for the killing of people for sport as well? If your not, how can you justify the killing of animals. I don't give a rats ass about some countries culture. If their culture was killing newborn babies, would that be destroying their culture also, if we banned it. you simply can not justify the murder of innocent beings. People say, "well, we kill alot of animals for food anyways, mine as well let the slaughter bulls and foxes. Ummm, 2 wrongs don't make a right. Both are wrong. I can understand if you live in the mountains somewhere and you need to kill to survive, but in modern society, its simply not necessary. And whether you guys like it or not, in the coming years more and more bans of animal abuse is coming. So get ready.


Some things should be above the law. Bullfighting and fox hunts are cultural necessities that should be kept going. Let's add cockfighting into the mix. I went to one maybe 30 years ago locally, it was like I had stepped back in time to an earlier era.



If I go deer hunting and make venison jerky I will go to prison for that?


sooner or later all forms of sport hunting will be banned. it started with the banning of killing whales it has moved to many other species. its not going to stop and thank god for that.


So the burger on your plate came from a cow that had its constitutional rights violated? Is that right?


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If im stupid, then every member of peta and every animal rights group is also stupid. first, sport hunting will be banned. then, after that, meat itself will be banned. it may take quite a few years for that to happen, but it will happen. Mark my words.


The more I read from this fool, I think it is some 18 year old twilight obsessed female.

seriously, just because you live in a city and are sheltered from reality, doesn't mean other people don't actually hunt to eat or feed others.

Animals are food get over it.


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basically, yes.
not only stupid, but counter-productive.
The "animal rights" paradigm, with its anthropomorphic projections, its hysterical pathos and its terrorist methodology, actually hurt the fight for the respect for life in all its forms and the acknowledgment of human duties toward non-human lifeforms.

banning bullfighting and fox hunting will make a few holier-than-thou people happy, but it won't do shit to preserve biodiversity.


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