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Bullfarm Powerlifting Championships 2010


Amazing event tomorrow in Helsinki, Finland.

Jonas Rantanen, Finland
Jani Murtomäki, Finland
Juha Someroja, Finland
Matti Lehto, Finland
Andy Bolton, England
Gerry McNamara, Ireland
Matt Wenning, USA
Benedict Magnusson, Iceland
Graig Coombes, England

Lets see how Andy and Benedict can cope with Jonas!!!


What is Jonas pulling?


looked jonas up, pulled at least 370kg before, but thats all i found. gonna be interesting.


Not sure about PR's but Jonas has pulled at least 370kg, benched 380kg and squatted freakishly 540kg. I will keep you updated what happens in the competition.


Has to be the finest venue ever for a PL meet.

check out the 360 degree view here http://www.finlandiatalo.fi/360/


I always like to have a pipe organ around when I lift. helps with motivation.


Word on the street is that Benni pulled a raw WR....

Apparently he went 380kg/220kg/442.5kg=1042.5kg.


Vid of said pull.





Someone might actually beat Bolton at the Deadlift comp!


It's going to be interesting since Bolton mentioned that from now on he plans to pull raw. Something about the suit throwing off his line.

great pulls by both guys!


it just got real.




Andy Bolton
squat 455kg

bench 330kg

deadlift 445kg

Benedikt Magnusson (lifting raw)
Squat 380kg

Bench 220kg

Deadlift 442.5kg