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Bullet-Proof ABS

I need your good advice on how I can get a great six-pack this summer. A little about what I have tried so far:

  1. heavy training once a week (hanging legg lifts and weighted stuff)
  2. light training two or three times per week (swiss ball, crunches)
  3. run 1-3 times per week, 4-12 miles total.
  4. turk/chic sand for lunch, fish and veggies for dinner.

I have been following this seriously for the last two months, I always worked abs before but have only recently become serious about getting them. I am 5’11’’, 170lbs. Is there anything else you can recommend? Thanks all.

Plan doesn’t look to bad.

Diet is #1

You should probably through in some big core movements, squat deadlift clean, overheadpresses. Or hybrid lifts, medicine ball work, and\or sledgehammer work.

If you want a badass program use CT, “Ab training for athletes and babe hounds”.

Another recommendation:

  1. For diet, check out “Don’t Diet” by John Berardi (Appetite For Construction article in issue 167, I believe).

  2. Also check out the “Real Abs” article by Coach Davies in T-mag. I use plenty of those movements in my training, and it has worked for me!

There are a number of ab routines on this site that you can benefit from.
You’re #1 focus should be on your nutrition if you’re looking for the defined/ripped up physique.
So…it would really help out if you gave us your total nutrition breakdown. Then we can break it down from there and make suggestions that will assist you in your quest for the “summer 6 pack”!

I second Nate, The Coach wrote a kick-ass article called Real Abs that is awesome. Christian’s ab circuit for babes and babehounds is good too.

How about squats, deadlifts and other compound movements.

My recommendation is to not worry about having a “six-pack” abs and concentrate on adding mass. At 5’11", you should weigh more than 170. Assume you cut and lose some fat. Now you’re 160 or so and that’s way too light for your height. What’s your current est. bodyfat %?

I also hope that the diet you included is more than you plan to eat. Diet is the most important factor when it comes to ab definition. Adding HIIT will also speed up the process.

Machine, I’m 5’11" and only weigh 165, you got a problem with that? You starting something?

Just kidding bro.

Dragon flags are the best ab excercise ever in my opinion. My abs are in shape, and I can’t even do one complete rep, just the negatives. I highly suggest those, but be careful, as you can injure yourself easily.

Listen to Machine. At your height you could use more mass.

You’ll have the nicest set of abs on the skinniest body on the beach. What good is that?


Where do you get your numbers from? How much should a man of 5’-10" weight? (I’m already assuming my 154lbs is too light.)

Thanks for all the replies…the article recommendations were particularly helpful. Can anyone explain what a drag flag is?