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Bulldog Whoring with 5/3/1 AGAIN!


Think I know the issue now…After it was pointed out by my wife and I looked up my data. I have been slacking on the Cpap and I might be paying for it.


It’s surprising, but it really does work. I’m pretty good at using mine every night, although I run through stretches where I toss it off during the night.


Thats what i am running into at the moment… part of the issue is that i, running into condensation forming in the nasal mask and I feel like im drowning. haven’t found the correct setting for the humidity and temp level to prevent this.


Strongest guys on this forum use cpap machines. A mechanical steroid?


Have you two found that as soon as you put the musk on your nose or face under the mask will start to itch?

Good luck finding the correct settings Bulldog. I hope the cpap makes my bench as strong as yours and Cripplers.


I wouldnt say strongest by any means… But i will say probably one of the thickest necks. Which is part of the problem!


I only run into any skin irritation if I do not stay cleaned shaved.


They give my dad one once that he was allergic to. If it irritates your skin they have gel pads that can go between your skin and the mask.



Trap Bar: 525 x 1 … yeah could have done some reps
3 x 5 @ 395 …easy

Felt allot more comfortable with the new bar this time around

Kettle swings: 3 x 15 @ SW
T bar rows: 5 x 10 @ sw
K shrugs: 3 x 20 @ SW
Standing cable crunches: 5 x 10 @ SW
Hip prehab stuff

Really good session…loaded on caffeine and some simple carbs



Got DOMs in the old back side today



Standing OHP: 185 x 5 no Pr sets
3 x 5 @ 135… this was a easy night nothing heavy

Pulldowns: 50 total reps
tate presses: 3 x Shit ton @ SW
Curls: wtfe
Band face pulls: 5 x 20
More of a punch the time clock session… not taxing at all just got some work in.



Schedule got screwed up… was planning on lifting this morning and ran out of LP as I was heating up the garage. Made plans with the plans with the wife for the rest of the day. Postponing squats until tomorrow since the temp is suppose too be a little warmer.


Squats: 355 x 5
3 x 5 @ 275… Felt pretty damn easy today!!
Step ups: 3 x 10 @ SW
Good Mornings: 5 x 10 @ SW
Standing Cable crunches: 5 x 10 @ SW
Hip pre hab stuff

Yippy ! things are starting to strengthen back up! Honestly the assistance stuff required more effort than the squats today. Which is actually a good thing. Probably helped that I got the first night of good sleep in over a week after took some Melatonin last night.


So, you’re now using drugs.


Do you ever take VMA? If has Melatonin in it. It’s helped my sleep a lot.


I take melatonin on the reg. Helps me fall asleep much easier. Nice squats.




Nope… probably wont get around to that. Bought a large bottle of Melatonin and i am splinting them in half since they are high dosage of 10mg which from what I have is a pretty heavy amount. Found that at the amount I felt kinda wonky most of the morning after.

At the moment i am going to try and not use them unless I feel restless before bed, really do not want to take them unless I need them.

Ehhh… other than them starting to come back. Other wise they are still in the gutter .



Bench: Well…Tried working up to 375 for a easy single and got crushed by 340. Felt weak as hell as in getting sick weak. Been noticing signs of something for over a week and a half and I guess its here.

Called it… Could not catch my breath and im a phlegm producing machine at the moment, thick and rich with a lovely yellow hue .

I honestly feel like ass at the moment… just wondering if the Cpap might have a hand in it and I need to address how im cleaning it.


Got a hot date planned for after work. Me and a bottle of Nyquil and bed