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Bulldog Whoring with 5/3/1 AGAIN!



Putting my ego on the shelf and going to adjustment two of my main movements based on the signals my body has been sending me.

1> Parallel box squats, the right hip is cranky and irritated at the moment and needs time too cool off. Messed around and realize that I dont notice the same twinge going onto a parallel box. So I guess I will start doing them as my main squat movement for awhile than slowly go back after several weeks. Big catch is that I will have to make sure I maintain the same form I would use on my regular squats.

  1. Standing OHP… The external rotation with load on the BTNP is starting to beat me up slightly once you start factoring in all the other pushing volume im doing. Lets see what happens when I bring standing OHP back into the mix.


Standing OHP: 200 x 6 *
3 x 5 @ 130 ( used swiss bar on these three sets)

Dips: 50 total reps… getting better at these again did them in 4 sets
Pulldowns: 50/5 @ SW TR 47
Swiss bar Hammer curls: more weight than last time
Bench Sit ups: 5 x10 @ SW

** Well the standing OHP was less stressful on the shoulders. Only did 6 because I was noticing some fatigue in the upper back since it had been awhile since doing them and I didnt want to turn it into a incline press. Other than that Bar speed was good . Got a feeling these will shoot up once I get my groove back on these.

^^ FYI favorite Metallica song


As I figured…feeling fatigued in a few of the stabilizer muscles involved in the standing OHP today.


Does this mean you had a tired little tummy :wink:


upper back…


Oh that’s way more manly !! Have to tweaked it or just general fatigue


just general fatigue… paying for doing BTNP with seated with back support. Should strengthen back up in no time.



Trap Bar deads: 465 x 8 … kept a rep or two in the tank
3x5 @ 360

Kettle swings: 3 x 15 @ SW
T bar rows: 5 x10 @ SW
Shrugs: 3 x 15 @SW
Standing cable crunches: 5 x 10 @ SW


“Trap Bar deads: 465 x 8 … kept a rep or two in the tank”
3x5 @ 360Very adequate tbar deads,


Adequate enough that i am even feeling them today. Glutes and hammies are feeling a little fried.


Bench: 315 x 5 …no plus sets this week
Buffalo bar bench: ( all reps paused) 3 x 15 @ 225
Inverted rows: 50 tottal
Incline DB press: 3 x 15 @ SW
Tate presses: 3 x allot @ SW
Seated DB cleans: 3 x 10 @ SW
OK…I am current tweaking a few things on Bench.

  1. bringing the bar down slightly higher to about nipple level
  2. adjusting bar path… I have gotten in the habit of pressing straight up and down. Experimenting with pressing at more of an angle towards my face with slightly less of a tuck. Notice more chest involvement doing so…


Love the pic today!