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Bulldog Whoring with 5/3/1 AGAIN!


Ohhhhhh that makes more sense… At first when seeing it in your log I thought Hammer swings were really heavy cheat hammer curls.


Im starting to think I might be too cryptic on stuff…lol


Haha maybe. Some things you post in here force me to use my brain to figure it out.

I also interpreted it as something similar to a kettlebell swing, but then i thought no one would even do that as an exercise :joy:


in this case just me beating the hell out of big tire with a big hammer as a conditioning tool



Trap Bar: Damn easy 490 x 1
3x3 x 375

Bent over rows: 20/3 @ SW TR 22… went up 15lbs over last week going to stay with this weight until it gets stupid easy
Pulldowns: 50 /5 @ SW TR 50
Trap Bar shrugs: 45/2@SW TR 47
Got lazy and skipped hammer swings …


Shot Putters love the behind the neck press. Almost all the greats to them. Unfortunately after my last shoulder op they’re out. You’re also right on the tris taking over on the front press.


I just wish I kept them in as a staple lift… think I could have avoided some shoulder issues. Thats what I get for listening to a idiot… live and learn,

Yeah the standing OHP ends up = a cg Bench in away for me.


They dropped the Military Press from the Olympic lifts for that exact reason. The lifters were leaning so far back it was standing bench.standing%20bench


Yeah I was aware of that…


ok then


Oh shit… I did not mean to come across that way. My apologies Harry I didn’t mean to come across as a d bag. Actually I was going to originally post more and got cut short due to things going on at home.



Bench: 370 x1… ehhh so so
295 x 13… ugh upper back was fatigued from Monday.

Buffalo Bar Bench: 275 x 8/6
Lying Tri extensions : 25/3 @ SW TR 14… jumped up 15lbs from last week on a whim. Blew my load on my second set and was done
Bent over DB flyes: 35/3 @ SW TR 42
Standing cable crunches : 5 x 10 @ SW




It was one of those sessions… lower body felt tight and fatigued. Felt like complete ass…

Squat: 385 x 1 over warm up. UGh for some reason this felt overly heavy across my back.
330 x 7… yeah it was that bad! Form felt off and nothing was firing. Yep knew I was done at this point

Seated hamstring band curls: a bunch
Ok fine, my body won! It didnt want to do shit and it was letting me know it!
With my luck i will feel like a million bucks in the morning… which doesn’t do me a bit of good at the moment.
Plus , I got a reminder that ,I need to get back into some prehab stuff for the lower half to keep everything limber and greased


Well I was wrong feel like ass today and suffered from insomnia last night for some reason.


Do you unrack the behind neck Press behind your head or unrack it like an OH Press than drop it behind the head on your 1st rep?


I swear I was just watchin this Steve Earle vid not 5 min before I logged on here. One of my all time favorite songs.


Kind of spooky? What are the odds … LOL


Honestly depends … in most cases I prefer unracking behind the neck. More so if I have some one around to give me a proper lift off ( since I train at home that hardly ever happens ). With the gym set up i have ( not having any true OHP type of bench),I found its slightly safer with heavier sets unracking like a OHP . Mind you that I also unrack the weight from a extended overhead position. To be honest the whole unracking and properly setting up is actually the hardest part of the whole lift for me.


Thanks mate, yeah unracking is a bit awkward. It doesn’t feel nice unracking behind my head so I have been unracking above and slightly in front which feels better. The movement itself is good though.


Happy Fathers Day bulldog!