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Bulldog Whoring with 5/3/1 AGAIN!



Friday… did the same numbers on squat I did the previous session. Except I used a normal bar and not a Buffalo Bar

Had to cut it short because something came up.


Seated BTNP: over warm up to 195 x 1
175 x 16/8
Dips: 30/3 @ BW TR 37
Axle arm curls : 30 x 3 @ SW TR 20… wrist were sore
One arm DB Incline curls: 2 x 15-20 @ SW
Bench sit ups: 5 x 10 @ SW



Trap bar Deads: worked up to 520 x 3 …weird right pec cramped on the last rep
Bent Rows: 20/3 @ Sw TR 22
Pulldowns: 50/5 @ SW TR 52
Karwoski rows: 45/2 @ SW TR 45
Hammer swings: 3 rounds
Ass was dragging… way too low on calories and carbs the past few days


Bulldog, how does one change log name? I’m not as tech savy as you.


So I’ve been peaking in here now and then, but I have no clue how to interpret this haha. Care to shed some light?


You should be able to do it by editing the first post in the thread.



Figured other probably are scratching their heads on it also.
Basically its just something I picked up from another writer on another site tried it and liked it.
Its more or less a way for me to milk the hell out of my sets on certain movements along with making me more motivated. For the record I like pushing secondary stuff hard
Ok lets take lying Tri extensions for example.

Lets say i want to do 3 working between 6-8 reps @ 135 lbs
which would look like this 3 x 6-8 X 135
What I do is set up total reps between the 3 sets I would like to hit …lets say 25
so now its 25/3@135
Now on my first set I will try to exceed 8 reps since I am normally fresh
so the 3 sets might look like this rep wise
12/8/10 …last set I had to bear down to either match or exceed my rep goal of 25 reps between the 3 sets . In this case my total rep (TR) was 28 so next week I should be able to bump up in weight the next week no issue.

FYI … Sw =some weight .


Thanks for the explanation Bdog you have now opened up a whole new world of Understanding for me when I read your posts. Quality


Makes perfect sense, thanks man! Also cool concept, I like it.


Understand your methodology now and like your taste in music


I dont know if I have a true methodology as much as basic principles I like to adhere too.




Bench: over warm up to a easy 340 x 1
280 x 15… kept a rep or two in the tank didnt let form break down

Buffalo Bar Bench: 250 x 10
290 x 6… all reps paused for a one count
Lying Tri extensions: 25/3 @ SW TR 27
Bent over reverse flyes: 35/3 @ SW TR 33
Cable standing crunches : 5 x 10 @ SW


Either I know how to train someone or Im asking my oldest for a urine test…


Looking real good.


He gets his thickness from his dad! You better keep training Big Dog or your sons are going to catch ya!


Not for awhile he wont!



New art from the youngest heading off to art school in the fall



Squat: Over warm up to a easy 385 x 1
330 x 12 & 8 ** squatted in chucks as oppose to my Inzer shoes

Walking Lunges: 3 x 50 feet @ SW … OHHH did these suck
GHR: 5 x 10
Hammer swings: 3 rounds

** Strength was fine on squats the conditioning was the limiting factor today, the walking lunges kicked my ass and i was sucking wind


Your son has good talent.
Bet you’re still feeling those lunges.


Very nice! Good job!


you better believe it…