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Bulldog Whoring with 5/3/1 AGAIN!


Did some early morning walking this morning… drinking the old coffee at the moment. Going out for lunch with the wife , kids and Father in law. Sundays is my semi sloppy eating day and has always been when I do any weight loss phase.

** did some more treadmill this afternoon


Squats: over warm up and two working sets not heavy
Lunges: 3 x 10
seated Band curls: 100 reps total ( did a few GHR’s but hammie cramped on me)
Hammer swings: 3 x 12 each side ( slowly adding these in)

EEEh…pretty easy session . No where near back into the groove


Pup sent me a selfie…


25 minutes on hamster wheel

Need to sit and actually set up my weekly eating. Nice thing about myself as long as I through in a cheat meal once a week it doesnt phase me to eat the same stuff through the week. Which makes it easier in planning stuff out.



Seated BTNP: Went light as hell got to readjust my working weight. Also noticed some tennis Elbow poping Back up . Need to address it before it becomes chronic.

Dips: did 3 warm up sets with a sling shot , Did 3 with out. These actually felt good on my shoulders and elbows…
Straight Bar curls: yep
One arm incline DB Curls: yep
Standing Band crunches: 5 x 20

Still working on the routine…at the moment, I just have a rough outline.


If tennis elbow flared up and you did dips you’re tough.


Not really… the slight change in elbow position from BTNP to dips relieved the irritation


Another selfie from my oldest… Little shit sure as hell didnt get my calves! But Damn those Quads Damn ! Hes starting to impress me with those damn things!


Looking very very solid. Quality


be interesting to see what he looks like say in another 5 years.


Had skinny calves most my life. Kids looking impressive. Those are some impressive looking quads.





Upped the Carbs along with measuring my food to get rough idea of my caloric intake.

Trap Bar deads: worked up to 505 x 5
Bent rows: 30/3 @ SW Total reps 34
Karwoski rows: 45/3 @ SW TR 60… went too light
Hammer swings 3 rounds …
Probably add in a secondary upper back movement next time.



Energy level was wayyyyyy down today.

Bench: over warm up than main work set with 240 x 17
Dips: 30/3@ BW only managed 25 reps total …SUCKED
BB Flyes: 3 x 15 @ SW
Band Face pulls: 5 x 15
Standing Band crunches: 5 x 20



Shit got cluster fucked the past few days… felt very unmotivated. Probably had to do with the passing of my Aunt last week and attending the funeral put me in a mental funk.

Squats:( Buffalo Bar): did a over warm and did two light working sets with 295 x 15 and 10
Lunges: 3 x 10 @ SW
GHR: 5 x 10
Hammer swings: 3 rounds, pretty easy time to up this



Well pup finally broke 300 on Bench.


Always great when a new century mark is passed. He should be satisfied for at least 5 minutes til he starts wanting the 3 plates/315


Three? Probably already thinking about 4.


Well hes only 10 lbs from it now…It seems like it took him forever to do it!


Actually hes more concerned about his squats… he actually hates the Bench.