Bulldog: Rebuilding the Old Dog


Hopefully this gorilla gut will get the memo


Wellll… according to my personal human physiology expert. I apparently was showing symptoms of dehydration yesterday. Which apparently the side effects are still lingering. Tonight session… was a shit show with nothing in the tank.

Squats: 5/3/1 5pro… just did the base and stayed put.

Ok got stupid and said hell with it and used the Buffalo bar.

On my warm up set ( I did a ton of sets ) having my index finger just out side of the ring. On the main three base sets i spread my grip out. The bar felt overly heavy across my back , all things considered

Long as the shoulders dont get tooooo pissed off, ill stick with it.

GMs: 5 X 10 @ SW

Called it skipped the rest of the assesory work… i was just toasted.


Muscles in the upper back are toast from having a bar acrossed it . Wow im surprised on how unconditioned i am.

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Occupational hazard for lifters.

True… been awhile since ive had to maintain a shelf for the bar to ride.


Ill be attending this as a spectator tomorrow.


Need to do some minor tweaks…explain later.

Oh boy 90 degrees in the garage today. Paced myself which stretched shit out.

Bench: 5/3/1 pro 5s FSL
15 reps on the 95% set
5x5 & 75 %
( 5x20 band pull aparts between warm up sets)

Incline Db press: 30/3 @ Sw TR 36
One arm DB rows: 35/4 @ Sw TR 42
Skull crushers: 35/3 @ Sw. TR 34
AXEL curl : 25/3. @ Sw. TR. 25

Ok doing 5 pro with a joker progression is off the table for a bit. Need to allow ligaments and tendons time to adjust. ( getting allot of inflammation)
After talking with the oldest its a concern…if not from strength via hypertrophy from the muscles bouncing back at a fast rate. Definitely the nuro muscular end of things.

Hes RXing me… wanting me to do some low intensity active recovery on the Airdyne on my off days.

Also switching to a 3/5/1 version with no plus sets on the 5 week.


Hes RXing me

Be careful. He’s unbreakable. While you…

Yeah…yeah…yeah. im still the alpha Dog in this pack. Lol

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+one generation

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Head of the department that Bullpup is a member of at IU.


Ok,my interested is peaked by this…


Kb swings: 50 total reps. Wanted to see if i could get the posterior activated for pulls.


Dead lift rows: 3x5@ Sw … tried them. Went light. Ill say they are interesting. Felt them in the upper back. Think ill keep them in and see what happens.

Step up : 5x5 @ Sw

Standing cable crutches: 5 x 10 @ Sw


Pup trying out the Deadlift rows also yesterday with 275lbs.


Finally got on the scale tonight on a whim…

Oh sweet Jesus…

Time to dial in the eating.

Costco chicken patties and rice for dinner. Maybe some low calorie yogurt.

Alsruhe is all muscle and brains.

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Oh… ill get anal on this. I already know it.

Already getting the tracking app up and dusting off the food scale.


deadlift row . . I like it

Definitely a interesting variation of a row.
Im Curious to see how much carry over the boy will get from them.