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Bulldog: Leaning out the Old Dog

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Been too lazy to post my work…

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Btnp: a bunch
Dips: 3 x10 … I actually did these weighted . First time in years.

Didn’t hurt that these handles arrived today.

Banded laterals: 50 total
Rolling tri extensions
Bent laterals 40 total

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Seated BTNP: 140lbs x 10 worked up 185 x 3… reps in the tank

3x5 @ Sw

DIPS: bw × 10 3x6 @sw.
NG PULLUPS: 30 Total in a few sets.
Rolling tri extension : 3 x12 @ sw
Band pull aparts: 50


@jshaving got a question for you…before you paid for a program for your female relative. Did she have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire? Or was it just here you go?

Nice Superbeast-haven’t seen that in…?

Hitting Monster Garage Gym for a lift or two-on vacation next week. I’ll try to have the Godzilla Spirit with me :muscle:

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Cool… I really like the look of the place.

Lengthy questionnaire.

(Waited to answer for a while so things would die down…was contacted by a coach after those posts and let’s just say…someone wasn’t too happy. FF thread, post #675.)

@bulldog9899 - Where you at, man? Things going alright?

Spoke to him the other day and he is all good. Just taking a break from here for a while.

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Look at those old man abs!!!

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Didn’t know the secret to abs was staying away from T Nation for a while :sweat_smile:


He’s on IG salivating over my pics while copying my burpee routines

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Bulldog? Burpees?? what has the world become lol

He got that wrong, he meant to say that bulldog was burping a lot, from all the healthy food he is eating!!

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