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Bulldog: Leaning out the Old Dog


Christ down 16lbs in 32 days… that is excluding any weight I dropped the first week starting out before I took a official starting weight.


15+ in a month? You might need some de-wormer, Big Dog!


That’s no lie… makes me question how many calories I was taking in before hand since I wasn’t measuring.

I knew I would drop some with the inclusion of more moderate intensity conditioning work besides walking.

But damn wasn’t expecting this kind of drop… like I mentioned I did say I was doing a aggressive leaning out.


Great Job! I don’t want to downplay your hard work or dedication to cleaning up diet but you and the other AirDyne users are making me consider getting one. They seem like they work.


I dont know it’s specially the Airdyne or the fact I’m doing some moderate intensity level of conditioning work. The whole reason I got it was that I could have a very low impact option.

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Bench: top set of 12…
Incline: 3x5 @ sw ( working sets)
Dips : a bunch
Curls : 3 working sets
One arm incline bench curls: bunch

Yeah … im seeing more improvement


I want to see some of this going on on that airdyne
And yes… we want video!



A de wormer. Jeez.

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I try shit like that I’d end up probably with a bizarre testicle injury.

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I took a break yesterday… was feeling pretty worn down.

new Elbow sleeves

Trap bar deads. Top set of 3 wasn’t feeling it 5x3@ sw
Rdl 3x8 @ sw
Ghr : 50 total
Kneeling band crunches:

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More airdyne



HIs haircut is not so bad from the side.

Bite your tongue kind sir…:weary:

Ha Ha Ha.

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I was thinking last night maybe assemble a portfolio of your son’s haircut photos for you to show his sons when they get to be his age. Payback (if the world hasn’t changed too much)

Oh I have plenty of shit i can embarrass him with when i have grand kids from him.

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Biker Bulldog


BTNP: worked up ended up pumping out 15 on the top set.
down 3x5 @ SW

Dips: 50 total several sets
Rolling Tri extensions: 35/3 @ SW TR 42
Banded laterals: 50 total several sets
Bent DB flyes: 40/3 @ SW TR 60



40 minutes on machine of penance


NG Pull ups : a bunch
Pulldowns: 30/3 @ SW TR 27
One arm DB rows : 35/3 @ SW TR 39
Face pulls : 40 /3 @ SW TR 60
Kirk rows: 35/3 @ SW TR 42

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The pup is STRONG

Thanks… hes got some technical issue he needs s to work on with squats. Bench we won’t talk about.