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Bulldog : Coming Back ON HOLD



WOW!!!! Another filled up.

I guess the thing to do would to be to reintroduce myself for any first timers who are clicking on this new log/blog.

I'm 40 years old. Father of two boys 12,13 whom I rant with regularity . I'm married to a wonderful wife who keeps me in line. I work full time and I'm very active in are area Youth Football program.

I compete drug free ( not that it matters)and unequipped in the USAPL and NASA.I have been back at training for a little over 3 1/2 years after a very long layoff due to life issues,health problems and a damn shoulder injury. Ive been lifting on and off going on 20 years plus In that time Ive competed in BB, Low level Strongman and now power lifting .

1 At this point just to get stronger end of story.
2. Maybe get a little Jacked
3. Not kill myself in the process

I have to warn anyone new that your not going to find anything ground breaking in my training log. Other then a no Bull shit approach.Every once in awhile ( alright, quite often) I'll rant to vent over things that kinda bugs the hell out of me.Be it in regards to lifting or other life issues But recently Ive actually tried to improve the content a bit..


^^ Squatting : 500 X 3

I wanted to re post this Video at the beginning of this new log.


Yep, that's how Ive been doing it. The problem for me I found that doing the 4 day rotation didnt lend its self well to any type of peaking cycle because it stretches it out way to long and I tend to get burned out mentally.

Actually my last Meet looked like this.

Mon : Bench
Wed: Overhead pressing some assistance stuff
Friday: squats and dead lifts


Emblem for are team shirts , for the Indiana team doing the NASA USA Nationals


Thoughts on the 2012 N.A.S.A Indiana State

Well its been one hell of a long day. Got up and left town at 7:30 for a 96 mile pilgrimage up North. Which was a so wonderful trip due to fog and less then accurate directions from Google.

There was a decent amount of lifter there considering it was a state meet. I believe there was between 35 and 40 lifters in total, with the Meet lasting a little over 5 and a half hour, not a bad amount of time. During that time I realized how bloody boring a actually meet can be when one isn't a actual participant. Note to N.A.S.A you guys might want to do like some Feds do and have a projector set up with the soft ware that shows the order of the lifters there attempts and their current total and position.

I would also like to add STOP with the Kilo crap! Quit calling out the lifters attempts to the crowd at hand in Kilos!! For one, no one has a clue and I can't do the conversions to pounds that fast.

I was also starting to get a little annoyed with the judging. Of course you see that at any meet in any Fed. But can they at least be a little more consistent. I saw lifts that there was no way in hell I would pass. While other were turned down, for reason that escaped me.
On a good note for N.A.S.A, it would appear they are getting ready to be the only game in town, at least in Indiana. One of the lifters informed me that SLP is almost done and ready to fold. While the other formal dominate Fed USAPL has become a non entity in the state. There is definitely a opportunity for N.A.S.A to fill the void. That is if they have any common sense about it.

I can say that N.A.S.A in Indiana is definitely becoming unequipped dominate. Out of all the lifter there today only one was in gear, he was bench only.

I had a chat with the Meet director. He confirmed with me that that he plans on getting a team of lifters together and doing the USA Nationals in June over in Ohio. I will give you three guesses whom is one of the team member is.

After watching the other lifters today, I've came up with a few observations regarding by own lifts.
Squats: not super but pretty darn respectable
Bench: pretty darn good for a full Meet lifters and not being a specialist.
Deads: Mediocre at best if not blah

On a good note I made a new friend. A gentleman there started up a conversation with me. He was lifting in the Power sport division. Which is Curls (don't ask) Bench and Dead lift done without any wraps wrist or knee wraps, just belt. He asked me if I would give him a lift off when he was on the platform. I'm a nice guy and I said sure. He ended up curling 145, Benching 245 and dead lifting 385 at 174 lbs. The amazing thing about his performance was his age, he was 72! Let me repeat that HE WAS 72!!!!!!! All I have to say is ROCK THE FUCK ON!!! Let that be a lesson to all of us. Especially those of us in the Over 35 crowd then next time anyone of us wants to complain about age.


Powerlifting at 72 is pretty damn impressive no matter what the totals. It amazes me that there are people like that. Maybe if I can get just a little stronger and maintain it until I am 72 I can be competitive in powerlifting. 2042 Nationals here I come. Hahaha.


I ought to show this to the guy at the gym who was training me. Nice guy, but so help me, if he makes one more comment "but you're over 50 . . ."


I wont live to see 72, my wife will kill me before then.


Maybe you should.


BD- I enjoyed that write up
some very good observations and WOW on your new friend


Thanks. i just wish i spent more time on it, because there was a few things I could added in retrospect.



warm up : pvc pipe rolls
light stretching

squat : Bar x 10
135 x 2 x 10
185 x 5
260 x 5
315 x 4
370 x 3
420 x 2......added belt
475 x 1.....damn easy, blew it out of the water
420 x 10......Blew chow ,after racking the bar.Nothing taste better then Monster Fuel the second time around. But ,it was worth it!!!

GHR: 30 total reps

Bench sit ups: 5 x 10 x 10lbs.

Well, this was my last squat session before I take a week off then start my peaking routine for my next. Going with what I did last week and on my last set today. I'm estimating that a 525-550 squat isn't a unreasonable 3rd attempt in June.


Treadmill: 3.0 mph @ 1 % 30 minutes

Back on the torture device again.


I'll take your word for it, thanks.

I'm amazed at how you can add at least 30 lbs to your lift in just a few months.


Yeah, you're a pretty awesome lifter.


Cant say that Ive have. Understand I did 525 for a single several times last spring. Im not sure how much my actual 1RM has gone up since October. My ability to actual rep heavier weight has gone up.


No ,im not.....Mediocre at best.


^^^ Video, warning bad words at end


Warm up: Light DB movements and band

Bench: Bar x 20
95 x 10
135 x 2 x 5
200 x 5
235 x 4
275 x 3
315 x 2
355 x 1......Not bad , came done sorta hard but went up with little issue
315 x 9.....CRAP!!!!!!!! I was gunning for at least 11..(sob)

Well, I called it short because I had a appointment with to do are taxes, which got canceled at the last minute.


My mistake, I thought your 500 triple was a PR.


I guess you could call it that....