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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



After this cycle is done… Think I will go ahead and start doing squats with the Buffalo Bar again and use the SSbar as a supplement movement for squats.



OK , I lied! Went ahead and but the Buffalo bar back in …

Squats( Buffalo Bar): 385ibs/174.6kgs X 10…had the strength for more but I was sucking air . Damn conditioning!

SSbar: 3 x 5 @ 305lbs/138.3kgs … Ok, I like this better as a supplemental movement. Thinking of bumping up the volume on these by 2 more sets.

SSBar Goodmornings: 5 x 10 @ SW

Was moving slow today… was worried because I had some soreness going on in the lower abdominal area . Luckily , it slowly subsided once I started working up on my squats.


Could someone get the number off the truck that ran my ass over?


It was a little blurry but think it was SQ1_1AT !!!




Seated BTNP: 205lbs/92.98kgs x 13 …kept another rep or 2 in the tank
3x5 @ 160lbs/72.5kgs
SSbarJMpress: 3x5@SW
Pulldowns: 50/5@SW TR 48


One of my all time favorite movie lines! :heart_eyes:


Hey bulldog. How’s your abdomen feeling?


Well thanks for asking… It gets a little sore after say squats or pulls. Its nothing debilitating but I have a feeling it will be one of those things thats going too hang around for awhile and lessons with time, like with most of my aches and pains.



Trap Bar deads: 470lbs /213.18kgs x 5 …kept allot of reps in the tank. Played with the idea of a few joker sets before hand…decided against it.
Speed pulls: 5 x 2 @ 345lbs/156.4kgs
Seated Band curls: allot
Shrugs: allot

Decided on pulls that I will start using a hard cap on my main work sets again. This is a way of me managing my work volume on them and allowing me to hit squats a little harder and maintain recovery.


The belt isn’t helping? Well I guess if the pain or the separation is not getting worse, then it’s not a problem and just hope that it won’t


Well …not noticing any major issue with area of the separation itself. Just soreness in the actual abdominals still.