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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength


After this cycle is done… Think I will go ahead and start doing squats with the Buffalo Bar again and use the SSbar as a supplement movement for squats.

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OK , I lied! Went ahead and but the Buffalo bar back in …

Squats( Buffalo Bar): 385ibs/174.6kgs X 10…had the strength for more but I was sucking air . Damn conditioning!

SSbar: 3 x 5 @ 305lbs/138.3kgs … Ok, I like this better as a supplemental movement. Thinking of bumping up the volume on these by 2 more sets.

SSBar Goodmornings: 5 x 10 @ SW

Was moving slow today… was worried because I had some soreness going on in the lower abdominal area . Luckily , it slowly subsided once I started working up on my squats.


Could someone get the number off the truck that ran my ass over?

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It was a little blurry but think it was SQ1_1AT !!!

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Seated BTNP: 205lbs/92.98kgs x 13 …kept another rep or 2 in the tank
3x5 @ 160lbs/72.5kgs
SSbarJMpress: 3x5@SW
Pulldowns: 50/5@SW TR 48

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One of my all time favorite movie lines! :heart_eyes:

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Hey bulldog. How’s your abdomen feeling?


Well thanks for asking… It gets a little sore after say squats or pulls. Its nothing debilitating but I have a feeling it will be one of those things thats going too hang around for awhile and lessons with time, like with most of my aches and pains.



Trap Bar deads: 470lbs /213.18kgs x 5 …kept allot of reps in the tank. Played with the idea of a few joker sets before hand…decided against it.
Speed pulls: 5 x 2 @ 345lbs/156.4kgs
Seated Band curls: allot
Shrugs: allot

Decided on pulls that I will start using a hard cap on my main work sets again. This is a way of me managing my work volume on them and allowing me to hit squats a little harder and maintain recovery.


The belt isn’t helping? Well I guess if the pain or the separation is not getting worse, then it’s not a problem and just hope that it won’t


Well …not noticing any major issue with area of the separation itself. Just soreness in the actual abdominals still.

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Bench: 355lbs/161kgs x 7 … had a rep or two remaining in the tank
Speed Bench ( Buffalo Bar) : 8 x 3 @ 275LBs/124.7kgs …Bar speed was damn good
Seal rows: 5 x 10 @ SW
Incline DB: 40/3@SW TR 42
Pushdowns: 4 x 12 @ SW

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Squat: 375lbs/170kgs x 6… Form was way off and my abdominal s were really pissed the hell off. I had originally had planned on 10 plus on this set earlier in the day.

SSbar squats: 290lbs/131.5kgs X 5 …the original plan was 5 sets . My body said other wise.
Good mornings: 5 x 10 @ SW… well at least these went well with no issues.

My lazy ass should have done some hip belt squats because I got in jack and shit in actual work.


Glad you’re back to most people’s normal.


But is that a good thing?


Hmm…any chance you could go back to your doc and ask if it can be surgically repaired? Not sure if it’s a wise move though from a medical standpoint. That also means you’re gonna have to go under the knife and be out of training a few weeks to months, so I’m really not sure about the benefit vs risk


In this case it would actually only be cosmetic and would actually weaken the area since the connective tissue is not torn. Just another thing I will have to address . My now normal thing is once I get one thing realativly running good. The gods of iron say fuck him let’s have his old ass deal with this.


Feeling way off today. Going to bump today’s session to tomorrow morning.


Seated BTNP: 200ibs /90.7kgs x 13
3x5@155LBS /70.3kgs

SSBAR jm press: 10/8/6 @ SW
Band pulldowns: Allot!
Curls: yep
Seated DB cleans: 3 x 10 @ SW