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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



If I haven’t mentioned it before, your music taste is impeccable. Ultimate sin used to be my favourite album for about a year after I bought it.


Still a little ache … Not yet 100% . Just trying to get use to wearing a belt on certain movements.


Thanks…yes you mentioned my taste in music before. Like I said I am a man of high culture…LOL @dagill2 hey been meaning to ask how old are you?


a man of high culture.


Far too old. 32 going on 62. Had 2 kids in the last few years and they’ve added decades to my age.


I was just wondering… since in another thread someone refereed to you as kid. Which did not seem correct since I though you was older and you are.



Trap Bar Pulls: 445lbs / 201.8 kgs x 8… had reps in the tank.
speed pulls: 5 x 2 @ 345lbs / 156.48kgs
Seated band hamstring curls: 50 total reps
Shrugs : 3 x 20 @ SW

  1. wearing a belt sucks on my heavier sets
  2. right lat cramped on my next to last set on pulls for some reason
  3. Cutting back on the direct Lat work
  4. still not positive on any direct core work
    5.Wearing a Belt on my Heavier sets REALLY SUCKS!


Never thought you’d have trouble wearing a belt. I’m a bit surprised.

Hey bulldog, been thinking about exploring “old school” metal. Been a metal head for the longest time now, but more on the new stuff (year 2000 and onwards). I know a few iconic names like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, Twisted Sister, Slayer, Metallica…but only have 1 or 2 tracks in my library from the said artists…can you point me on the right direction on who are an absolute must to listen to from this era?


Yeah, I didn’t take that one too seriously. Easy to throw shit like that out on the internet.


Not really trouble …just not use to wearing one and out of practice. I adopted Paul Carters mentality on them for better or worse.

Ill post some songs from the groups you listed down the road but out of the Hard Rock/Metal here are some I think you should look up.

Black Sabbath … a must, Godfathers of metal
Motor Head
Ronnie James Dio
Kiss…( personal bias)
Led Zeppelin
Guns and Roses
Motley Crew

On your list lets start with a few from AC/DC

Well there a few more …but that will do


I have always wondered if you got everyone who post on here from time to time in the same location in real life. How many of the guys that talk shit would be oddly not have anything to say.


The intro from ‘For Those About To Rock’ still gives me goosebumps when I hear it. I have to stop whatever I’m doing and crank it up.


I went and say them on the Razor Edge tour and me and my buddies were under the gun turrets they had. They fired them off during that song and my ears rang for days!


I come across as a pedantic know-it-all who shares too much in real life as well. Not much of a shit talker, though.

Also, jealous as I’ve never seen AC/DC live. I had a couple chances in the 80’s but never made it. I did see Metallica last month in Kansas City, though.


LOL… Im going on the limb and saying some of the biggest know it all and shit talkers that have come through this site over time. Probably could not even squat for a max what I press for reps behind the neck. Those are the ones I would like to meet in person… just to see if they would run at the mouth or start kissing ass.

How much Metallica run you?


Strong as fuck man! I eventually gotta try these as a staple…


It was about $160. The show was awesome, lots of their old stuff. The venue was shit, though. The Sprint Center in KC has the seats so packed together you can’t straighten your knees past 90 degrees, and you’re shoulder to shoulder with the people on either side of you. $12 for a 24 oz. beer, which is about on par with ball park beer.


Well I hit 255 X 6 on a joker set a month and a half ago. I thinking of actually toying around and trying a true max at the end of summer. Unless I play it smart and don’t try.


$160 ?not as bad as i thought. I ended up spending more on last minute tickets for Garth Brooks when he came through Indy.


I think you’d be amazed how many of them were really 15 year old kids