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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



Great belt. Conforms well.


Yeah I have toro lever belt and it just feels too uncomfortable to wear on deads. Spud has a prong power belt I’m looking at that has a rubber core. Which from what I have read is more comfortable and doesn’t have a break in period.


Well I’m going ahead and ordering the belt i mentioned above since it’s relatively cheap at under $ 50 .


Oh look, new toy!



One week until I start back up. Another nine days until I do anything which heavily engages the core.



Got drafted at work to help move a Very large fire safe filling cabinet yesterday… sorry Doc


Sh#t happens.
Your secret is safe…haha


Your secret is safe…haha


Probably a wisdom producing experience.


Not really… but, I advice them the next day that if they called on the radio again to move something like that . I would tell them to go get… (censored)


Exactly. I draw the line at moving pianos.


well…plan on lifting tomorrow


It’s gonna be a long day waiting for tomorrow then, lol. Take it easy tomorrow!



Bench: 350lbs/ 158.7kg x 8… ehh reps were sloppy
Buffalo Bar : 3 x 5 @ 275lbs/124.7kg ( all reps paused)
Seal rows : 5 x 10 @ SW
Incline DB: 40/3 @ SW TR 37
Band push downs: 100 total reps

Repeating last cycle…


Glad you’re back lifting. Stay healthy.


Well we will see how things go with squats and pulls…



SSBAR squats: 3 x 5 @ 260 lbs/ 117.9 kgs … No plus sets
SSbar Good mornings: 3 x 10 @ SW

Took it easy did not push it at all and kept the work at a bare bones level.
Oh wore a belt on the 3 working sets and it sucked!

My inner child is in full excitement mode…



BTNP: 190lbs/86.1kgs x 12
3 x 5 @ 150lbs/68kgs

Yoke Bar JM press: 10/8/6 @ SW
Pull Downs: 50/5 @ SW TR 45
Curls: some
Seated DB cleans: 3 x 10 @ SW

Felt a little blah today


How’s your abdomen feeling?