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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



Good luck with your surgery. I endorse clee’s belt usage.

Keep posting while recovering.



Saw the surgeon who specialized in hernias… Its not one!!!


So the pain im experience is noting more than strained abdominals


It’s good you got a 2nd opinion. Always have to make sure! My wife use to work at a law firm and you’d be surprised how many people are misdiagnosed all the time.

Two years ago I thought I had appendicitis and 1st doc said it was a possibility and was ready to get an MRI (I had a very high deductible insurance at the time), but I wanted a second doc to look too and he said it was probably from real bad dehydration (it was thanksgiving and was drinking from 9am lol) and 2nd doc said he’d get me a MRI free of charge for my troubles to verify and what do you know no appendicitis.

Glad to hear it’s just a strain though!!


Yay! This is great news!


Good news man


Good news mate, looks like it’s just me with a hernia then !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Followed that link on diastasis recti - it still doesn’t sound like a picnic, depending on how extensive it is, though it is better than a full-on hernia.

Did the cutter have any recommendations?


“So the pain im experience is noting more than strained abdominals”

Remarkable. Glad to read that.


@ChickenLittle @dagill2 @biker Thanks for the well wishes

Have to agree…at least I dont have to worry about being cut on…recovery time and cost.

Better you than me I say…lol

Pretty much my orders are…

  1. take two weeks off and take it easy
  2. Doc wants me wearing a Abdominal Binder
  3. No maxing out… which isnt a issue since I dont max out in the first place. But I got a idea his view of heavy is different than my own
  4. Make sure I wear a belt for abdominal support… Ok this ones going to take getting use too.

Been doing allot of research on the whole thing to come up with some protocols addressing things moving forward.

On a bright note Im in good company since Ronnie Coleman had the same issue and the gap I have developed isnt as pronounced as his.



Isn’t this the same thing Power Puff had fixed?


No idea on that.


I’ll check into it.


If he doesn’t lift, you definitely have different ideas on “heavy” lol


A little late, but congrats. Always good to find out you’re not falling apart as fast as you thought. :grin:


Keep posting, minimally, the dog stuff while resting.


Good news.
Use it well.


He lifts…but more for fitness. The thing is the term heavy is so bloody vague and heavily dependent on the individual in question. In reality I do not consider that I am lifting extremely heavy since its mostly sub max and unless I mess around with say Joker sets I am in all reality working at most at 80-85% and in some cases less of a true 1 RM on my heaviest weeks .

Well I plan on running down to the local Farm supply store for bailing wire and duct tape so that I can keep things together if need be down the road.

oh planned on it.

Yeah I am taking it easy the next 2 weeks like the Doctor has commanded. Should allow a few other minor aches subside and recharge the batteries. Taking time to evaluate things I will need to slightly tweak moving forward.



This sucks…



I get my wifes concern at the moment and appreciate it…BUT
I am not a dainty flower !



9 more days until I hit the gym again…

Well got a new Belt … which doesnt feel like its going to cut me in half