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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



At least it can be fixed. Here’s hoping it’s a complete fix and a short recovery. How soon afterwards you can start moving iron again?


That’s an awesome one man. Next year I’ll probably buy a trap bar to add to the home gym. I’ve used them in the past and still to this day have never done anything that had my abs, glutes, and quads so fucking sore lol. Really underrated tool thats for sure! I think the idea that they don’t build your lower back is bullshit. If you are pulling (from the low handles) for like 600 I’m sure your back is strong as shit lol.

Hope you have a short recovery man!


Bummer…don’t worry too much about it though. If it’s just s simple hernia, it should be relatively easy to bounce back from compared to let’s say something serious in the knees. You’ll be fine. Speedy recovery!


Sorry to hear that.

Hope you recover well.


That sucks big dog. I have a small tear in my lower abdominals, but Dr says too small to operate. That was a year ago and it doesn’t seem to be getting worse but I am always worried one day it will need fixing.
I am sure you will recover quickly post surgery and doubt it will slow you down for too long.


Hope they get you fixed up and back in action soon!


Sorry to hear that. I’ve had a neck surgery, hyperextended knee, and bulged disc in the last 7 years. I am stronger now than before any of that happened.

You will come back and be smashing PRs again, just give it time.

Godspeed friend.


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Thanks all of you words of encouragement and well wishes… I appreciate it!

Like I mentioned I have been aware of the issue for years now , but since I haven’t noticed any real discomfort I ignored it. I am assuming since I have been lifting with it so long that the actual repair will not have a negative impact on me once I recover from the actual procedure. Maybe I will get lucky and it will be a improvement. Funny story … I asked the Doc if I could hold off getting it repaired and he gave me a look that said" are you a fucking moron?" I swear I saw him roll his eyes.


I think it gets a bad rap when guys who have very good body levers for pulling conventional try to use it . While someone lift gifted in that regards will see more benefit from it.


Pic from yesterday post cluster fuck Meet for my oldest.


How did he do?


Choked… Openers were cherry. Psyched himself out .


Awe… damn!


Well he didn’t bomb out at least. But didn’t hit anything he was capable of.


Whew, that gave me a good laugh. Haha! Btw, I’m sure there’s a big chance that you’ve already mentioned to your surgeon that you plan to get back on lifting. Just wanted to say that it’s important to mention just in case you haven’t. I’m not a surgeon, but because there are several ways to repair hernias, with each style or method offering certain benefits over others, it would be worth talking about before going under the knife.

I’m sure your son will do better next time! Charge to experience lol


I’m pretty sure based on what I researched . That they will mesh it and I’m asking for Kevlar


Usually mesh. It’s the shield that will stop the hernia from reoccurring. Sometimes open, often laparoscopy.
I would most certainly follow the post op instructions for recovery. Although I’m not experienced in the particular of the next statement, I believe it makes sense. I would consider wearing a belt early and often and if possible have it cover the site of the repair. When you push out against your abdominal wall when lifting the repair will be the weak site. The belt will act to help brace against your abdominal contents, along with your abdominal muscles. Isometric strength like in a plank will also be your friend.
I’m sure many powerlifters have had hernia repairs and could provide some guidance.


Thanks for the information and your educated view point. Their is a former high level lifter who I follow over on Elitefts who keeps a blog over there. He is slightly older than myself. Just by chance he had emergency hernia surgery a few month ago . Luckily on my end I have had experience rehabbing after surgery so I expect that will help me be patient during the recovery process and not rush it. For the record I hope they use the scope and not gut me like a fish.

For clarification area number 2 in the picture below is the issue.



Should do great.
Elite offers some good information.
I’m sure this old dog will be up growling pretty quick.
Great family photo. I miss those days so much.
Best of luck to you


Well still waiting for my Doc to contact the surgeon…

oddly not off the mark