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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



I am feeling that evil bar today😥



Bench: 370 lbs/ 167.8 kgs X 6… at least one in the tank
Buffalo Bar: 3 x 5 @ 295lbs / 133.8 kgs … majority of reps paused
Seal rows : 5 x 10 @ SW
Incline DB press: 40/3 @ SW TR 42
Push downs: 4 x 12 @ SW
@simo74 still getting the feel for the new bench… but will say that once I do there might be a increase in what i am Benching.


I actually don’t feel beat up in the upper body as I normally would this morning.


Now that sounds like a good day. Maybe you have found that sweet spot where to work just hard enough to stimulate a response but your body doesn’t get beat up.


Actually .i Am thinking it is from the additional support provided from the new pad myself.


Lol whatever it is as long as it works for you man



Trap Bar deads: 470 lbs/ 213.18 kgs x 8 …had reps in the tank. Toyed with the idea of doing some Jokers decided against it today.
speed pulls: 5 x 2 @ 345lbs / 156.48 kg… bloody hell these flew up
One arm DB rows: 4 x 10 @ SW
Trap Bar shrugs: 3 x 20 @ SW… did these for a change of pace
Seated Band Hamstring curls: 50 rep total

Easy session , Kept it all reasonable this evening.


470 trap pull o.O


Don’t be impressed . Its way under developed compared to my pressing at the moment.



Seated BTNP: 205 lbs/ 92.98kgs X 10 … reps in tank
3 x 5 @ 160lbs

SSB JM press: 160lbs/ 72.5 kgs x 5
185lbs / 83.9 kgs x 5
210lbs / 95.2 kgs x 5 … still working on getting the feel of these
NG pull ups: some
Arm Curls : 5 x 10 @ SW
Band pulls to throat: 3 x 10

Punch the clock session
Going into a Deload the rest of week.


Insane, man you are one strong dude


Thanks … But I would could easily debate you on that


SSBar squats: not worth talking about
Goodmornings : 3 x 10 @ SW
Bench sit ups: 5 x 10 …no added weight

Good timing on my part since I was feeling a little worse for ware.


I feel that


Yeah … About two solid cycles is my limit. Especially if I have some fairly good sessions during them.


I have sorta been lying regarding having a abdominal strain. I know It’s worse than that. I am just waiting on my doctor to confirms my suspensions Friday.



Sorry to hear that. Every once in awhile we get a pleasant surprise regarding injury. For example, last year I thought for sure I blew a disc out in my lower back during some trap bar deads. Long story short, after a night of agony I went to the emergency room and found out the muscles had just seized up. A few nights of muscle relaxers and I was fine.
Here’s to hoping it’s less than you think and a speedy recovery.


Thanks… unfortunately I got confirmation from my Doc and its what I expected.



Well got confirmation this morning… Will need to go under the knife. I assume in a very short amount of time for a repair job on something I have known about for over 5 years. Tear in my upper abdominal wall that became a hernia… which now has decided to say “Hi how are you?”


Sorry to hear.
Speedy recovery.