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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



Do you use the trap bar as your primary deadlift?


Yep… Pretty much decided on it after reading this

I dont have a undying love for the Deads like some do… probably due to the fact that my leverages are shit for it and my best pulls have been mediocre at best in the past.

Above is the Trap bar I use… as you can see I do not have the option of using High handles and the grips are position at the same high as a normal barbell.
I am also a odd ball in the fact I do not get a huge increase in poundage like some people do… but I assume it is because I am not using a high handle.
Unless I get a wild hair and decide do go back and do some Meets I honestly have no urge to pull with a conventional bar.


My numbers aren’t high, but my TB dead with low handles was always a little bit lower than my sumo pull. High handles have a jump, though.

First time I injured my back DLing was with a trap bar though, so they scare me


I hurt my back with a trap bar.
Put that instrument of the devil to the back corner of my gym.


It’ll be burning up all the oxygen, won’t it?


Possibly…but more so the amount of fumes its putting out. I have been using it for several winters now. The only difference is that I have been allowing it to run longer so that my garage is warmer than in the past.


@aaron.griffin @clee78 so do you guys think the issue was do to being able to lift slightly more than a conventional or the slight variation in the movement?


I don’t think so. I think my lever lengths or flexibility might not be able to do that movement with a flat back


It wasn’t more weight. My technique was bad.
I don’t think I can lift more with a trap bar, I haven’t tried though.
The weight got behind me. I was too far forward in the hex. I can’t remember the name of the barbell lift where you do a DL with the bar behind your feet, it looks nucking futs. That was what happened to me. I try to pull back and up with my DL . The bar scrapes my shins. That’s what happened with the trap bar and the weight got behind me. It took a couple of weeks to feel better, but I decided it wasn’t for me. My son loves the trap bar. So do lots of folks.


Seated BTNP: 185 x 5 just called for reps
3 x 5 @ 140

SSB JM press: Bunch
NG pull ups: Bunch
Arm Curls : who cares
quick easy session


I dont know if I can say I love the trap bar…just like it more than a conventional pull. I guess you can say I view it as a necessary evil.LOL


Felt like I was cheating the few times I used it.


If you meant the trap bar…I have no moral qualms over it. LOL



SSbar squats: 2 x 5 @290lbs/131.5kgs
290lbs/131kgs x 12 … had plenty of reps remaining . BUT rep speed was slowing down.
( skipped any direct quad work since I felt the squats were plenty today)
SSbar GM’s: 5 x 10 @ SW … was lazy and didnt feel like switching out bars
Bench sit ups: 5 x 10 … no additional resistance. I mentioned awhile back ago I pulled my abdominals. Jumped back too quick and irritated them last week.

For the record I am running the Rhodes 5-5/3/1 template for the next two cycles.


Why switch out for GMs?
SSB can do it all! I’ve seen video of people pressing with it, although I don’t understand why.


Spoto and JM presses. The pads set the height for you. I think you get a little leverage assist on the JM press as well.


OH I know… Just have a odd quark that I want to have a straight bar across my back.


Been doing Jm presses with it


Bulldog, he’s right.


Oh I know