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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



Sometimes I work up for a triple for a TM , usually I just take 80% of my squat TM and run with that. Easy enough to change after a few sessions.
Hope your feeling better soon, hitting the iron when you are sick sucks , I make that mistake too many times.
Speedy recovery.


Yeah I’m paying for being stupid and lifting . Im thinking my issue could stem from maybe not getting my c pap as clean as needed.

Probably go and run pro 5’s ( even if it bores the hell out of me)on the SSbar squats and keep the TM low also.


I agree with you on 5 pro’s. I have added the following to make it more interesting. Obviously not all at the same time. I run the weeks 351
Pyramid up then down, so it’s 5 sets
Do a 3week of 3s and a 3 at TM, 70,80,90,tm
Add some bands or chains, usually on the 85%week
Use a different bar or different type of squat again on the 85.
Use a different 2nd exercise or mix those up.
Now I’m running
Week1 3s TM
Week 2 SSB
Week 3 5s but 5@75,3@85,5@95.
I did pyramids for a few cycles before. Before that just true 5 progressions.
I try to switch every 2-4 cycles depending on how I’m feeling.
Hope your feeling better


Yeah I have not decided completely yet on 5 pro or messing with one of the 5-5/3/1 templates in the last book. Pretty much up in the air at this point…


loaded up on daytime cold and flu medicine



Bench: 330lbs / 149.6kg x 5… did only called for reps, fairly easy.
Buffalo bar : 3 x 5 @ 255lbs / 115.6 kg all reps paused.
Seal row: 5 x 10 @ Sw
Incline DB press: 40/3 @ SW TR 37
Push downs: 4 x 12 @ SW

Ok … im sold on the Fat Pad ! Felt stable was able to maintain proper scapula retraction and upper back engagement . Notice allot less strain on the shoulders…


@ChickenLittle looks like your friends thread petered out… (pun intended) LOL


Thinking of running the Rhodes version of 5 5/3/1 that Jim got in his book for squats. Going to really drop the tm low at least to 80 %


I was looking at getting one of Jim’s books, is the beyond 531 a standalone or do you need to have read,/trained with the earlier book first?


Beyond on its own would be fine but give the ebooks are pretty cheap is go both. I haven’t seen the new book so can’t comment on whether that’s worth buying.


I ran that last year for squats and bench. Not at the same time.
It’s pretty good volume. I ran them for 2 cycles for squats then did a 351 cycle of max reps on the 3 week( capped at 10, so it’s not a true AMRAP). Then just a 5 rep at 85% week, then working up to a near max triple with jokers on the 1 week.
On bench I did it for 3 cycles then followed the same 351 week.
If I was to do it again I would decide after 2 cycles about a third cycle or something more intense ,’less volume


No as pointed out you can just get Beyond and you will be fine since he restates the basic principles in the book.

@simo74 I like 5/3/1 Forever better than Beyond. Only draw back is it has no table of content …which I find damn annoying.


Thanks for sharing that…

at the moment I plan running the Rhodes version for two cycles as a " leader" than run one of the " anchors" and see how it goes.

The main thing for me is finding the rite balance between the squats and the trap Deads since bringing up my pulling strength is still my priority,



Trap bar deads: 420lbs /190.5kg x 5…just called for reps
Speed pulls (TB) : 6 x 2 @ 345lbs/156.48kg … more explosive than last week
One arm db rows: 4 x 10 @ Sw
K rows: 45/3@SW TR 45
Skipped direct midsection work…
Ehhh…still wasn’t feeling the greatest today. Glad I am running 3/5/1.


Good luck.
Have at it.
I think you may find squatting with the SSB helps drive your DL up, more than a straight bar squat.


Totally agree. What book doesn’t have a table of contents ?
I have all these folded page corners and post its in the book.


Yeah Beyound had a table of content. Forever drives me nuts because it doesn’t. Guess I need to just sit down and write one out.


Someone on here already did


Thanks kind sir


I think the heater I use to warm up my garage might be the cause of some issues I have been having.Pretty sure the fumes might be irritating a few things… Yesterday it was only 45 degrees out and I decided not to run it. I am strangely feeling better out of the blue.