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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



No! I knew you were actually talking about lifting.
At least 40ish.
Hope she finds what she is looking for.
There have been others on here that made the love connection. And caused divorces, and lawsuits, and death threats Lmao!


-Whheww… I was worried that I was coming across as if I was hitting on her.

Besides wouldnt want to get mixed up in that shit …since im a old loyal dog whom just wants to sit on the porch.


-yeah at least… or I would hope since I have a negative view of someone young jumping on gear.

  • what the hell ever that is… got a feeling there might be some seated issue there.

  • OH I know… I was here when the great purge happened.


Nothing wrong with being loyal old dog.

We’ll know shortly.

I signed up during the purge. I could read but not post. Just sorry I missed all the fun .Must have been entertaining AF!


Yeah it was interesting at times


Yeah I figured out your friend based on their last post. After ready one thing in their last post I find off putting.


You…put off ? Lol Lemme guess… gear at 20?


Not that ,something else which I probably shouldn’t mention at this point.


Hmmmmmm… there was so much to choose from. DAMN it!


It’s just one thing that was mentioned . Which I am way over thinking.


You know I have smart ass remark about it just dying to come out :zipper_mouth_face:


Go for it


where did your post go?


Well I now have a new bench to press off of . Compared to the old one it’s night and day. The new one is a freaking monster.


How does the height compare?


Pretty much the same since I went with the shorty frame


Go figure the day I plan on using my new bar and I am feeling under the weather.


I apologize for beating a dead horse, but I was beginning to feel like I was taking crazy pills regarding that thread. I have to agree that quite a few things seemed fishy and it only got weirder as it went on.
Also, I took a closer look at the avatar as you suggested and agree it doesn’t look right.


Also, hope you feel better as I have been battling a virus as well. Pretty sure we’re victims of the damn weather in this state and the constant warm/cold fluctuation this week.


No worries. Yeah it might end up being entertaining . Yeah this makes twice this winter I have felt this way. This back and forth is not doing us any favors!


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SSBar squats: 355lbs/ 161kg x 1
230 lbs / 104.3 kgx 5
I had NOTHING in the tank today.
Talk about stupid on my part… Been sweating on and off all day. Pretty sure I have been running a low grade fever. Been congested the past two days and my sinus have been draining like nobodies business. Freaking feel like I have been run over by a bus…

Well… I guess I will set my training max for these at only 355lbs/161kg. If I am way off base i will just readjust down the road once I get the feel for the bar.