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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



Great .
Looking forward to the review
I’ve looked at shorty bench looks right




Well here are the claimed positives…

  • Promotes scapular movement.
  • Eliminates shoulder hangover.
  • Optimizes back and upper body positioning.
  • Increases mechanical leverages.

And here are the specific benefits of the additional thickness and width:

  • Scapular movement is uninhibited and eliminates AC tears.
  • Very little to NO translational loading.
  • Eliminates likelihood of pec tweak.
  • No more angry humeral wear on the bicep tendon and soft tissue.

The only negative I found on line is certain lifters have issues training exclusively on it and going into a meet and benching on a normal competitive bench.

It will be interesting since that I Bench on is only 10 inches in width and the padding is completely broken down.



I heard that bench will add at least 30lbs to you max. I need one bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well I seen claims ok 5%. Who can say for certain .



Trap Bar: 445lbs/201.8 kgs x 8
speed pulls: 6X2@345lbs/156.48kgs
One arm DB rows: 40/4@ SW TR 40
K rows: 45/3@ SW TR 45
Seated Band Hamstring curls: 50 total
Bench sit ups: 5 x 10 @ SW

Damn.… Elitefts did not FUCK around on my order!


Well good Lord man! We want to see it in action. We can google pics…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s kind of personal isn’t it :flushed:?


Hahhahahh! I was talking about the SSB!
We know you get all turned on by new equipment, but stay focused !


Won’t use the bar until friday


Don’t make us wait till then. Get under it and move.


MIght check the Elifts video and some of the Youtube ones. Can squat hands free with it.


Well the bench frame arrived today… Looks like it will be a few more days for the fat pad.

IF i am lucky it will be here before the next Bench session



Seated BTNP : 190lbs/ 86.1 kg x 10 … just did the number I pre capped it at
3 x 5 @ 150lbs/68kg

SSBar JM Press: 4 x 6-8 @ SW … First time trying these. Yep, its a keeper!
Neutral grip pull ups: a bunch
Straight bar arm curls : 5 x 10 @ SW
Band pulls to throat: Bunch

Well got some good news… got confirmation that the pad got shipped out today. Should arrive tomorrow afternoon.



@ChickenLittle regarding your new friend… by chance did you get the vibe that they had a disdain for “Meathead gyms” . Or am I reading too much into it ? Because I find that very odd, all things considered . For the record i am steering clear of that thread.


IYep! That whole thread is nothing but bullshit. The new pic didn’t convince me either. Still would want my money back!
I have yet to see a bodybuilder, male or female not want to share a pic. Really? That’s pretty much the entire purpose of the sport. To show off!

Said was tired from a 12 shift. What person goes to school, gets a degree, opens a private practice and does 12 hr shifts? Uh… nah!

The whole thing stinks to high heaven. I am just going leave it alone.

Sad part is… that other chick posted in the pharma section that she is now using her husband’s test after reading her log. Ugh!


Ok, so it just wasnt me that picked up on that odd vibe regarding that comment?
Based on what that person has listed… 20 years on gear. BB and Powerlifting and does fighting? I would think that person would be at home in a Meathead or hardcore gym. Since most people in a commercial gym would probably not have allot in common with this person.


You would think that would be right up her ally. Maybe she likes being the best bod in the room. It may bring her attention in a commercial gym.


Could be… dont know. Im getting a kick out of watching the other men stepping on their own cocks over this person.


No shit! I like how some started back peddling after they thought they a had shot.
I am pretty sure if it was all that, it would be taken :thinking:


LOL… god I hope you arent including me in that mix. I was seriously curious when I asked her how other men whom werent as dedicated as she was related to her. She never replied… you would think someone in her field would have at least had some psyco babble regarding it. I assume since I was more interested in the actual situation it wasnt worth commenting on my question.

well if you factor in she would be nearing 40 unless she jumped on gear at a early age.