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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



ohhh…i wish that was true.



Hey regarding that certain individual…if you look at their avatar pic. The pic looks like its been photo shopped . Shoulder doesnt look rite along with it and their arm looking almost as big as that persons waist. which doesnt jive with the second pic posted by this person.Yeah not buying it regardless of how long this person claims to have been on gear.


Thanks…will be just a matter of adjusting to it.


Yeah I went with the yoke that Elitefts has, due to the wider design so that it sits lower and distributes the weight more across a larger area .


Heard it changes the mechanics of the squat a bit

Can’t be wrong with elitefts though. Nice purchase


That’s the kind I bought last year and loaned to a friend’s garage gym. Go light first few sets to get used to it, but it is incredibly comfortable.


If I had done that much gear, and those were the results after 20 years, I would want my money back!


Well slightly… someone whom not a experienced squatter would have some issues at first. Since the bar is slightly like a front squat but not exactly. Since I tend to be a more upright and quad heavy squatter its not too bad.


Im getting this vibe your really disliking the person in question.


Planned on it… big thing will be me establishing a actual Training max for it.




yes you…




Bench: 350lbs/158.75kg x 3… That was it

DONE!! damn shoulder said go to hell. So I shut the whole damn session down… Too damn old and experienced not to read the warning signs. EGO BE DAMNED!

Time to switch back to Buffalo bar or the new bar once it gets here.
Bastard is nice and inflamed at the moment… icing it now along with downing ibuprofen.


Decided to replace what I bench off of with something new. Something that is suppose to be specifically designed to help give more support to the shoulder specific the scapula.



Well just look at you getting all those new toys!


Just stuff that will help with longevity.


Really interested in your review


I kid you not… I just ordered it from Rogue at about the same time you just posted your post on here.


I’ve been eyeing that for awhile. Let me know what you think.
Did you get a bench or just the pad?


Went with the whole Bench since the pad alone is $150.00 only $30 extra when you by their Bench. Also just just replacing my current pad with The Thompson Fat Pad on the current frame I have would make it too tall for my liking . I ended up going their shorty frame.