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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



15 years? How young do you think I am?


46 - 48 I bet.


Hmm damn close 47


Well the new bar is in the mail…




long as mama is ok with the price…


We know your balls will be back in her purse when she finds out! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Who the hell ever said the ever came out it !!! But just as a reminder… its a BIG PURSE



Hahahhahha! Have fun with your new toy!


That reminds me of the old joke I live by.
I always get the last word with my wife… yes dear.
Enjoy a great investment in your health.


I’ll be like a young child at Christmas when it arrives.


Left shoulder is feeling grumpy from squats. For those who aren’t aware I had a labrum repair done on it a few years ago.


Probably the external rotation to grab the bar.


Have you tried experimenting with grip? As in (1) full grip vs (2) thumbless grip flexed with heel of hand under the bar vs (3) thumbless grip heel of hand over the bar? Last one probably wouldn’t be a good idea for low bar though


Yes to a point … I can only go for a few weeks using a closer grip with a conventional bar on squats. Once you also factor in my pressing volume things start to go south.


Yep I use a tumbless with palms high done it for years… It’s more a mobility issue and wear thing. Normally I use what is know as a buffalo bar with a wide grip since my repair. Getting ready to switch to using a yoke safety squat bar once it arrives in a week or so.


That’s because your pressing like Atlas lifting the world :earth_americas::+1:


Oui! :roll_eyes: Don’t inflate his ego too much :rofl:


Have fun with your new toy!


The SSB is really, really comfortable. You’ll love it.