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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



Apparently that bar and myself is not a match made in heaven.


No nothing like it mate. Coldest nights back in the UK would be maybe 5f and days around 23f.
Coldest is Melbourne Australia is nothing like that. Cold night is 40f and a cold day 50f.
It does get a bit colder than that up in the mountains but not down at sea level.


I doubt it is for anyone. Probably best for strongman competitions , not regular training.
Maybe as a second or third exercise to get a little bit extra at the end of a session.
I use a 2 inch bar for BTN ,but that’s a twig compared to what your using .


Your probably not off the mark. Thinking on my end I should have have phased it in better.



Trap Bar deads : 460 lbs / 208.6kg x 6
Speed pulls: 6 x 2 @ 340lbs/154.2kg …ehh bar speed felt slow
One arm DB rows: 40/4 @ SW TR 42
K rows: 45/3 @ SW TR 41
Seated Band curls: 50 total reps
Standing crunches: 5 x 10 @ SW



Seated BTNP: 195 lbs / 88.4 kg x 10… easy as hell.
Well… the iron was hot tonight unlike the other day on Bench so I tried some Joker sets
225lbs/ 102kg X 3
245lbs/111.12kg X3
265lbs/120.2kg X 3…left a rep in the tank and stopped there

CG swiss bar bench
175 lbs/79.3kg x 5
205 lbs / 93kg x 5
230 lbs /104.3kg x 5…easy
NG pull ups: bunch
arm curls: bunch
Tri push downs : bunch

Well feeling good today once I got warmed up



Well not as fried as I though I would be today… triceps fell a little sore. But the concern is my shoulders and the gave me the thumbs up.
Decided that starting tomorrow ill start running Jim’s Leviathan protocol on squats for awhile.


Squats huh? Go for it.


you familiar with it?




sorry misunderstanding on my part… I was assuming you was commenting on me using Wendlers Leviathan template on squats.



Squat: worked up to the TM im using on these 445lbs/201kg x 1 was damn easy except**
3 x 5 @ 315lbs/142.8kg …felt easy

Hip Belt squats: 3 x 10 @ Sw
Good mornings: 5 x 10 @ SW
Standing Cable crunches: 5 x 10 @ SW

**DAMN… its been a longggg time using a conventional bar with a closer grip on squats with near 450 lbs . It was a shock to the system ( ok my shoulders asked what the hell)once I got set up and preformed the squat it was all good.


Seriously considering buying a quality SS bar for my squats since I have no plans on doing a meet.


I have a SSB. It’s about 5 years old, I purchased it from EliteFTS.
It’s not the new model in the picture , but it’s great
I squat regularly with it. I use it for good mornings.
It has held up very will with no issues on the pads.
It’s pricey but at say 50 sessions a year it’s worth it to me.
I can’t comment on some of the other models sold for the same or less.
I do think with most strength equipment in a home gym quality products will last a lifetime, it’s an investment in your health and as far as “ toys “ go it’s not that much (cars, guns, boats, etc…).
If you don’t like it sell it on line. I think you will be happy with a SSB.


Here the funny part a few years ago I took a old beater bar and had a fabricator at work make one. This was based off pictures were we roughly estimated things. Found out down the road we got things off . The bar is usable but it’s brutal compared to other ssbar I have had a chance to use. Since the one I made has the weight too far forward.for the record I’m a tight ass … I’m the type who will drive a car until the wheels fall off due to age before spending money on a new one. Even than I will get out the duct tape. But I won’t blink to get stuff for the my home gym set up if needed.


No. I was just glad to read you’re squatting besides all that behind the neck lifting.


? I squat all the time.


Guess I haven’t read as carefully as I should. I just remember all the press behind the neck work.


No worries.the issue is not on your end. I lift 3 times a week normally MWF. But i have my 4 core main movements i use which rotate in order. So this Wednesday I squatted and last week it was Monday. My schedule isn’t set up where on a given day it’s always the same core lift.


Keep up the good lifting, young guy. I almost laugh when I read of your aches and pains. You’ve got at least 15 more good years, maybe longer, before your lifting poundages decrease.

Bromance over now.