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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



Good God that bar is a cruel mistress ! Every muscle that plays a part in the press is destroyed today!


How can that be? The lab-coat guy said using the axle when benching didn’t do anything special?!


I’d say the lab coat guys must not have used a big enough bar! Because
it’s either going to get something stronger or put me six feet under in a few weeks!


Hey doggy how did you originally get into weights, was it at school? For football??


Maybe rethink using the term “doggy” here.

Have a nice day.


Well sorta… that was my first time actually getting to use actually olympic bars and having a actual program to follow. Before that I had those old school plastic and concrete weight sets sold back in the day by sears that I played around with. Probably what first got me started on my on and off relationship with lifting was watching image as the Hulk as a kid and several different Pro wrestlers.


Actually that was my fathers nickname which he had from way back in the 50’s. People actually know me as Dog or Big Dog in these parts.


You sent shivers up my neck with that reference to Lou as the hulk. I used to watch this show with my dad and it deff effected my relationship with wanting to be strong. I also used to watch the old black and white tarzan movies with johnny weissmuller.


I think Lou peaked allot of interested of kids of are generation.



Trap Bar: 410Lbs/185.9 kg … just the called for 5 fairly easy night
TB speed pulls: 6 x 2 @ 340ibs/154kg I decided to add these back in the mix because I like dynamic work on my pulls and feel they have benefit for me. Really like the speed I was getting off the floor

One arm DB rows: 40/4 @ SW TR 52
K rows: 45/3 @ SW TR 39
Seated Hamstring band curls: 50 total reps
Bench sit ups: 5 x 10 no extra resistance since im coming off the minor tweak I was feeling in the lower abdominals.


The work is good, but the music taste is impeccable. Was just pumping some Sabbath earlier today.


Im a man of culture …what can I say ?


This quote might haunt you.



Seated btnp: 180lbs/81.6kg x 5 … called for reps ,easy night
Swiss Bar CG bench: 135lbs/62.2kg x 10
160lbs/72.5kg x 10
190ibs/86.1kg x 10… tweaked my numbers on these …again easy
Neutral Grip Pullups: a few
Curls : a bunch
Pushdowns: 4 x 12 @ SW


I Love it Loud… good memory. I will put it in my playlist
And “Lick it Up” (maybe the first presentation without maks) too


A large % of the video I post are on my playlist when im lifting…


Well, it is the 6th anniversary of my fathers passing.


Sorry for your loss. But it is awesome for you to share that with us.


Tough day to deal with. Sounds like the memories are really positive. Having a good father sets the bar high of who we need to be as fathers and men.



If im feeling good tomorrow I plan on really putting up some reps on my top set of squats.