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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



You piss somebody off?


I don’t know. Know I got a suggestion by the system to allow others to reply on this topic. On my own thread


I think they are working on something.


2 inches is OK, but 2.5 is True Dinosaur!

I love to see what happens when people try out some stuff for awhile. Great set, by the way.


Tell my girlfriend this please.


For clarification are you talking diameter or length? :wink:


Yeah I figured I should clarify on that… even though most probably have a idea how brutal a bar that thick is.


Darnn my old ass is still feeling the ill effects of handling that big pipe !



Trap Bar deads: 435 x 6… left a bunch in the tank

Well got a wild hair ( or stupid) and did some jokers ( I blame @clee78) ITS ALL HIS FAULT!!
485 x 3
535 x 3
555 x 3… yeah that was enough pulling for the evening.

Pendlay rows: went light on these what to get the feel for them again
Kirk rows: 45/3 @ SW TR 45
Seated band hamstring curls: 50 total


Sore from the big pipe?


Well now my backside is lit up, thanks to your bad influence… :wink:


Strong work.
So what I try to do (I’m 60 and try to keep my strength levels at 3,4,5,) is when I’m hitting higher weights for me on my top set of the main lift , I cut back the weights on the 2nd or supplemental lift, also some volume. So 5 sets might be set 1 and 2 add some weight then 3,4,5 use the same weight nothing hard, or 3 sets a little heavier. Then do my push,pull, core.
Like you did with rows.
When I get stale or stuck , hopefully not injured with the top set, I cut back the TM and work harder on the 2nd exercise to help drive it back up, then hit the higher weights again same recipe with the 2nd exercise. I rarely vary my main lift but like to add variety on the 2nd lift.
I just go by how my training cycle is going when to ramp up and down. Usually it’s in 4-6 month blocks, which works for me.

Good luck and strong work.


No inout on the lifting, way out of my league,
But Psycho circus is a massively underrated album.


Yeah KISS is passing through my neck of the woods on their farewell tour on my birthday. Wife is asking me if I want to go to the concert.


Another farewell tour?


Amazing how long they last :wink: )


I thought psycho circus was the farewell, and that was 97? God, I’m getting old.


I have you beat… I can still recall when they stopped wearing the make up and went back to it in 98 ( googled it)


Well good news im not crippled up today… no thanks to the bad influence of @clee78 :wink:

But I will say im been obviously been using a pretty low TM on the Trap Bar. But I have no plans of jumping it up.



Seated BTNP: 190 x 3 …just did the bare minimal today. Things were feeling slightly off.
Swiss Bar close grip Bench: 185 x 10
215 x 8
250 x 6
Chins: some
curls: yeah
Push downs : a crap ton