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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength




Ehh…not worth reporting did some seated BTHP and some other stuff. Had a major case of the blahs due to a family issue which only allowed me 4 hours of solid sleep.


Shit happens. Time is always the best healer.
I look at training days that just suck , as a little range of motion work.
Hope things improve


Pretty much the wav you put it. Pretty much went thought motions and that was it.



Yeah… Deload done.

Squat: 390 x 8 **
3x5 @ 310

Goodmornings 3 x 10 @ SW …went easy on the volume lower back felt fatigued all day
Hip Belt squats: 3 x 10 @ SW
Did zero mid section work, since I still believe I have a slight strain in my abdominal .

** well decided to get away from the pro 5 ( OK they bored the living ever hell out of me) along with going back to squatting with a power bar since as of late I have regained mobility back in my shoulders. On another note I realized after words I had looked at the wrong column on my % weight chart.



I swear looking around on this site the level of denial is hilarious. What I find so amusing is the number of guys whom justify their gear use because of TRT protocols. Which is truly fine IF that’s was the actual case… its amusing when I see the level of test cypionate some are using and still just claiming TRT. Sorry guys 400 mg / week of Test 0r way more is not Hormone replacement, it’s a low-level cycle dosage and falls into actual performance enhancement level territory. Most reputable Docs are going to prescribe at most ½ the amount I mentioned. The protocols are meant to bring you up to a normal level not to make you jacked. I won’t even mention some of the other stuff guys are taking which isn’t normally prescribe as part of a TRT protocol. I honestly have more respect for someone whom is honest about their gear use ( not that I would hold it against them in the first place) than someone whom hides behind “oh I’m simply on TRT” Who the hell are you trying to Bullshit?


Like “ the checks in the mail” and a couple of other big lies.


Why lie when nobody actually cares?


I think a few are trying to bullshit themselves.


What about the newest post? “Do you cut calories if you have a bad day lifting? If you can’t make the lifts, do you cut calories to compensate?”


Can’t believe I missed this one :smirk: Nevermind… I see it.


Well my view point is some guys are trying to down play their gear use by claiming its just for TrT. It is as if they are in self denial … I’m cool with some one being on gear if they want to be. Just don’t insult peoples intelligents when you actually list amounts.
Yes I seen the post you mentioned . Not sure if it’s a troll post or someone that is not very knowledgeable.


I posted on it and it went bye bye


Thread killer! :thinking:


Blissfully, I got this far without understanding this stuff.


Yeah I’m not a expert on it … I know the basics and that’s it. One of those comes with the territory things.


Don’t blame me! I thought they moved it! Not seeing it


I tossed it over into Supps & Nutrition, since it’s more about diet than training. But it’s an alias account anyway, so any reply from the “OP” is gonna be interesting.


Good choice! It will pair nicely with the chick wanting to lose weight :rofl:


Ok thanks! Since it’s a alias account I might have some fun


Would that be the one whom is a molecular biologists and can’t figure out caloric expenditure?