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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



For what if’s worth, I find the leader/ anchor 2/1 cycles way too short.
I split my training a little by the weather.
But I like too just build up for 9-10 months. Reset as needed, and when I’m feeling good throw some extra weight on the bar , but not more often than 1x per wave per exercise, usually less like ev 2-3 waves. Then see what I can do at the end of the 9-10waves, unless a little injury pops up ( more than the aches and pains).
I think 531 is not great ,but doable for peaking. I’m sure many would disagree. It’s a framework for me to train.
Just my opinion.



Upper back and delts fried


@bulldog9899 how did you get your shoulders so strong!


A shit ton of BTNP and DB pressing and standing when I was a young lad… not making a joke it built a some what solid foundation.



Well after 2 days after my bought of insanity, I am not seeing any irritation in the actual shoulder joints.


Really great news on the shoulder parts.

Happy New Year.

Keep motivating us.


Happy new year man!


Hey, same to you two guys!




DELOAD Decided this on a whim

Squat: 285 x 6
Good Mornings : 3 x 10 @ SW
Standing Cable crunches: 3 x 10

Figured I would take a actual verylight deload before I start back onto the next two waves.


Happy New Year Dog


hope yours was good…



Bench: 265 x 6
Pull ups : some
DB Incline press : 40 /3 @ SW TR 55
Floor DB extensions: 35/3 @ SW TR 36
Face pulls: 3 x 20

That was it.




Ok the oldest is getting over strep throat… Wife is coming down with something also. Wouldn’t you know it I’m starting to feel like ass . Give me a break… I just fully got over a bug from a few weeks ago !


Hope your feeling better soon, and killing the BTN again


Thanks…Not yet in the walking dead mode just yet. Got my fingers crossed that I just got a case of the blahs going on and I will dodge any bugs.



Trap Bar : 335 x 6
DB rows: 40/4 @ SW TR 45
K Rows : 45/3 @ SW TR 55
Seat Band Hamstring curls: 50 total

a few things… Pushing the secondary stuff hard also holding off doing any direct midsection work. Believe that I might have a minor tweak in my lower abdominals.


Yippy treadmill …


Glad to read you’re successfully dodging bugs.


That might be yet to be seen😥