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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength




Major PR for The oldest today… in this case im pleased with form.


Strong work.
Enjoy the opportunity to train together. It’s a lasting memory… I’m sure for both of you.


well we dont train together that much outside of me coaching him… since my training schedule is different than his.


It’s gym time together.
When I was a kid my dad and grandfather would take me to the gym with them. Really old fashioned equipment in some of those places.



Slight issue today… Lower back was a feeling completely fatigued the hell out. Legs & hips felt fine once I got warmed up. But after my first true working set on squats my lower back told me
" go ahead asshole work up even more I dare you" Well… I have been at it long enough and have jacked myself up enough that I now know when to listen. So needless to say I retreated so that I could fight another day…


Really impressive how he knows when to cap a set




Hes programmed mentally to end a set once he gets a hint that his lower back is starting to round.

Looked up some stuff since you brought it up…came across this video from Josh Bryant



Ok after thinking it over… The whole cluster fuck session was my own fault. Basically I was a lazy bastard in retrospect.

  1. Didn’t do anything to help myself recover from pulling Monday when my lower back was fatigued . At least I would have normally done some mobility work and soft tissue work.
  2. Didnt focus on warming up as much as I would normally would in this situation.


Live to train another day.
Probably a good reason for the fatigue.


Yeah… just think I just acquired allot of fatigue in the lower back.


I hear you.
I find real light ( I mean light) pull through to really help keep that at bay after squats/DL
A light band or 20-30 pounds makes it feel better


Merry Christmas to you and your family big dog. Hope it’s a cracker


Merry Christmas to you and your family Bulldog.


Yeah thats probably have done some band work just to get some blood flushing through the area


Same to you guys!


Merry Christmas
Enjoy your family time


Same to you @clee78




Bench: 360 x 6 … a 7th would have been ugly
Buffalo Bar Bench: 3 x 5 @ 285 ( all reps paused)
pull ups: a few… been awhile
Incline DB press: 40/3 @ SW TR 50
Lying Floor DB extensions: 35/3 @ Sw TR 34
Face pulls: 3 x 20


Merry Christmas big dog