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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



Watched the hell out of it when I was younger…



Off the bat this was just a punching the time clock session…

Trap Bar deads: 405 x 5 no plus set
3x5@310 … Back was feeling fatigued as hell for some reason. went ahead and did these last 3 sets on 4 inch blocks .
Trap Bar rows: 40/5 @ SW TR 42
K shrugs: 45/3 @ SW TR 55
Bench sit ups: 5 x 10
I had the energy level of a slug today…



Did some testing with the Bullpup today… 415 x 3 on squats. EEh , was not happy with how they look. He still has the habit of sinking them too low which is causing him to lean too far forward and getting out of the proper groove for him.


What are k shrugs?


You are never happy with his form…lol
He hit 415 for 3 Geeez!


I am not happy with his squat form because its a reflection on his coaching. His deadlift form is spot on so im ecstatic regarding that. But as I have mention in another post before he is giving up weight due to his habit of going ATG.


Sorry about that… Karwoski shrugs They are a hybrid between a shrug and upright row used by powerlifter Kirk Karwoski. He used them more specifically for grip strength I use them more for Trap/upper back area assistance. Since I bypass the grip aspect since it is the only time I use straps on anything.


How are you guys going to fix it?


Its mostly mental on his end… to him hitting meet depth feels super high to him. As I mentioned many times before I would estimate hes giving up a go 50lbs on his squat.




He knows when to end the set.


Now ! if he would only listen to his coach regarding ONE GOD DAMN THING!


Okay! That got a little wonky. But still, take it easy in him. He is hard enough on himself. He could living in a van down by the river. Maybe a box would help?


That might be my youngest one


Take it easy big dog, you have raised a couple of awesome boys, they are going to be just fine!


I wish I could squat that nastily!


@bulldog9899 do trap bar deads carryover to conventional well? Asking because i was thinking of cycling it in after I’ve done a couple cycles of snatch grip deads. My body doesnt seem to like conventional but it’s essential i build my conventional for strongman.


Depends really on your individual leverages IMO… the main benefit for some is that they will help on leg drive. Especially if you tend to favor more quad involvement in your deads ( which with my body design is in this case) Im not one of those guys that pull excessively more using a Trap bar over a conventional. Also I need to add is that your still involving pretty much the same muscle groups as you would in the conventional. Plus, the trap bar tends to be less brutal on the the lower back for most people.

cutting to the point … you will be fine doing a cycle of Trap bar IMO . If your wanting to stay closer to conventional just make sure your pulling low handled on them if you have that option. Just keep in mind that when you switch back to conventional that your form will be off .


well no one wants to see nasty form.



Seated BTNP: 175 x 5 ( no plus sets)
CG Swiss bar bench: 5X5 @ 205
Pulldowns : 50/5 @ SW TR 52
Curls: 25/3 @ SW TR 28
Band pushdowns: 100 total reps

More of a time clock punch session again. Got the pre planned work in and that was it.