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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



You know what I am referencing ?


image The whole squat things got me pissed at lease the trap bar pulls are coming along nicely .


Poor puppy🤣


I didn’t consider “that”. Jeez.


Wow bench is looking really strong. 350x7 puts you well into the 400’s.

I’m meeting with the sleep people next month and most likely getting a machine. If you don’t mind telling me I was wondering if you’ve been feeling any difference using yours?


Yeah based on formula it puts me up in the mid fours…BUTTTT , my pesky issue regarding the concentric portion seems to cause issues. Though I think the minor tweak im messing with and change in bar path might take care of it. But who knows since I have no plans of actually doing a true max anytime soon. Its kinda of annoying the one lift I sorta of no major love for is the one that is the best at the moment. Go figure

I started seeing a improvement in how I felt when I woke up in a I believe in about a week or so once I started getting more comfortable with the mask. A few more weeks I actually started seeing a improvement in my recovery from lifting. Here the past month its has backed track because for some reason I have only been wearing it for little over 4 hours because I have been pulling it off my face.



OHP: 220 x 1… easy as hell. But I think I will drop the TM slightly more to allow for certain muscles to play catch up. Plus I am still a little rusty doing these standing .

Dips: 25 reps
Pulldowns: Bunch
Swiss bar curls: a few left elbow was feeling cranky so I backed off.
Bench sit ups: 5 x 10

quit and easy today…


:face_with_head_bandage: Son of a bitch left elbow is screaming . In full ice mode


Oh oh that doesn’t sound good. Hope the ice clears helps.


Hey bulldog. Talking about our young men on your other thread…

I remembered you’re in Indiana? My son spent a week at the university there in Bloomington in the spring and had nothing but good things to say about the place and the people.


Ehh… its clearing up. Just some inflammation. Probably hold off lifting for a day so that it has a little more time to cool off.



I live about 60 miles from the IU campus. The art school my youngest is going to is affiliated with them but is located in Indianapolis .

Yeah I guess us " Hoosiers " ( name used for people from here) are getting the reputation of being hospitable


I looked at pictures of the Bloomington area and the IU campus when my son was there. Beautiful place. We may be looking to leave CA for retirement. I would definitely go look there. Winter is the big drawback for us. We really suffer when the temperature drops down to 55 degrees. Haha.


Ehhh…winters can be nasty here. Now i will say you need to see picks of that area in the fall.


@simo74 correction…taking a second day just to be sure.


Sounds sensible mate. Just do some of that conditioning you love so much instead :slight_smile:


Damn thing still a little wonky today. :unamused:


Ugh… Dealing with the aftermath of a major anxiety attach. Really kicks my ass


350 x 7 you should be giving the weights anxiety. Keep yer head up big dog


Thanks… the cause of the attack is taken care of. Its just recovering from the drastic stress that it causes .