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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



thanks for the compliment… Not understanding what you mean by that im wandering?


i.e. impress us with your lifting prowess.


I have nothing impressive to present!


Seated BTNP: 235 x 1… ehh guessing I could have cranked out 3 plus if needed.
Dips: 50 total reps
T bar rows: 5 x 10 @ SW
Football bar Hammer curls: some
Bench sit ups: 5 x 10 @ SW


Drooping off the youngest at at his Art college today…


got him there


Great pic!


He looks happy!! Lol


Can’t tell him apart from your older son.




What your seeing is the “ok, are you guys going to leave?” look. Hes all about his first taste of freedom from home.


Well you can now the oldest grew a beard.


Lol I remember that feeling when my and dad used to visit me at school and I was thinking when are you leaving.!


I hope he does great at art school.

How is youngest son’s knee injury coming along?


pretty much that in this situation!


Still having some issues …because , the little dip shit did not follow the Docs advice 100%



Trap bar: up to a easy 505
Kettle swings: 3 x 15 @ SW
Pulldowns : 50/5 @ SW TR 43… tried a slight tweak on how I preform these
Shrugs: 3 x 15 @ SW
Standing cable crunches: 3 x 10


Looks like my wife might have Plantar Fascia tear in her right foot.



Bench: 335 X 9… should have stopped at 8, rep 9 was too sloppy for my taste
Buffalo Bar Bench: 3 x 5 @ 240 all reps paused for a long count
Inverted rows: 50 total reps
Incline DB press: 40/3 @ SW TR 45
Tate Presses: Butt load
Bent DB Flyes: bunch
Bench sit ups: 5 x 10 @ SW



Squat: 375 x 5 …shit for speed today could have done more.

Step ups: 3 x 10 @ SW
GM’s: 5 x 10 @ SW
Standing cable crunches: 5 x 10 @ SW