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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



Now you’re talking my language…quality



Really low Training max on these!

Squat: 365 x3…did 6 Bar speed was so …so I capped the set at 6 going in.
3x5 @ 285… decided on only three sets for the day.

Walking lunges: 2 x 100feet @ SW
Good mornings: 5 x 10 @ SW
Standing Cable crunches : 5 x 10 @ SW

Really need to push the mobility work on the hips still!


Oldest busting balls on some conditioning work…



Seated BTNP: 210 x 3… did 10 with reps still in tank. really set the TM too low on these but I dont feel the need to adjust at this stage.

3x5 @ 165

Dips: some sets for a total of 50 reps
Inverted rows: some sets for a total of 65 reps.
Did some direct bicep work… not allot since the rows had fatigued them slightly
Bench set ups: 5 x 10 @ SW



Side not… ran to clinic yesterday to have my forearm looked at. Got a slight chemical burn due to my own stupidity 5 days beforehand . Decided to play it safe since I was getting worried about infection possibly setting in.


Well that’s ugly! Hope you heal up soon!


believe it or not… it looks worse than it feels. They but me on a antibiotic and gave me a expensive ointment that I guess is designed to remove any dead tissue,


Let me guess Santyl or something like that, expensive shit! . Be careful lifting while on the antibiotics.


Bingo…thats what it was! would have ran me $800 if it wasnt for my insurance. Ridiculous !


Damn, that looks ugly. On a side note, I gave my kid my sledge hammer. He likes to go up to the local high school to hit tires. Now, however, they have locked them up. He checked a tire store and they said they would give him a big one for free. My wife put a stop to that. He said he was doing it anyway. We’ll see how it goes for him.


I need to get some more hammer work in myself… Got a little lazy the past two weeks on conditioning stuff



trap Bar Deads: 455 x 3… did 10 reps still had some in the tank. My conditioning sucks! was sucking air.

3 x 5 @ 355

GHR: 5 x 10
One arm DB rows: some sets and reps
K shrugs: some sets and reps
Standing cable crunches: 5 x 10 @ SW


30 minutes tonight along with some mobility work



Major Goal…getting strength back in my lower body


Definitely my kind of preferred workout too!


I swear I have been tempted to drink a Guinness during a lifting session at times…lol



Bench: 310 x 5… no plus set for this week as written
Buffalo Bar Bench: 5x5 @ 220
Incline DB presses: 3 x 15 @ SW Been a long while since I have used DB for pressing , pretty rusty
Lying tri extensions: some reps and sets
Pulldowns: 50/5 @SW TR 52
Bent over flyes: allot
Standing cable crunches: 5 x 10 @ SW


Last summer I used to bring a beer into the basement with me on bench days. Didn’t do much for me I’m sure but it was a good time.



Squat: 345 x 5 no plus set
3 x 5 @ 265… Ill be damned. Hip was bugging me until I went back to my older wider stance.
Step ups: 5 x 10 @ SW
GM’s: 5 x 10 @ SW
Standing cable crunches: 5 x 10 @ SW



Seated BTNP: 200 x 5…no plus sets
3x5@ 155

DIPs: 50 total reps (multiple sets)
Inverted rows: 65 ( multiple sets)
Hammer curls (football bar): didnt keep track
Bench sit ups: 5 x 10 @ SW

Shoulder felt pissy… might have to play it smart and go back using Buffalo bar on my squats. At least to take some of the stress off of my old shoulders.