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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength



I posted on it and it went bye bye


Thread killer! :thinking:


Blissfully, I got this far without understanding this stuff.


Yeah I’m not a expert on it … I know the basics and that’s it. One of those comes with the territory things.


Don’t blame me! I thought they moved it! Not seeing it


I tossed it over into Supps & Nutrition, since it’s more about diet than training. But it’s an alias account anyway, so any reply from the “OP” is gonna be interesting.


Good choice! It will pair nicely with the chick wanting to lose weight :rofl:


Ok thanks! Since it’s a alias account I might have some fun


Would that be the one whom is a molecular biologists and can’t figure out caloric expenditure?


That’s the one!


Yeah not buying into that one bit.:dizzy_face:


Uh… no. The whole thing sounds pretty fishy to me. Along with other aspects of the thread.



Bench: 345x7 … Ok, I got a wild hair and used a Axle bar. Was kind of sloppy and I didn’t bother for 8 because I was afraid of it falling out of my hands.

^^ freaking type o
Buffalo Bar Bench: 3 x 5 @ 270 all reps paused
Chins: some
DB incline press: 40/3 @ SW TR 43 …upped the weight on these
Floor DB tri Extensions: 35 /3 @ SW TR 26 … I was fried going into these
Face pulls: 3 x 20 ( band)

Well I used the axle bar Because I was bored and got a wild hair up my ass … the change kind of kicked my ass. But guess what ! I have decided to do these for a few cycles .

If memory serves @FlatsFarmer is a fan of Brooks Kubik and would appreciate me using a 2 and a half inch bar for benching


Upper body feels like it’s been hit by a truck this morning :fearful:


Probably the face pulls
That’s a big bench with an axle.


I make the axle/axel typo constantly. I blame many years of being a big Guns N Roses fan.


yep probably… lol

Thanks… and as the morning has progressed , I am finding out how much it has destroyed me.
The sick thing is I am going to stick with it for probably 3 whole cycles with it and see what happens.




Your elbows will feel good.
Thick bars take away any elbow pain I have.


Will see…

It occurred to me I forgot to mention that the bar is a home made deal and is a untruly 2 and a half inches in diameter .