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Bulldog: Building Old Man Strength


You’re just a too proud papa. Relax, I imagine he’ll duplicate his brother’s acts with your help.


I think you have my youngest confused with oldest Dakota …youngest doest compete.


Dakpta squat (2)

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I know it’s easy to say there is always next time. I know I have been there. It builds character, however, and makes one even more hungry.

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Yeah and hes the type that doesnt take failure lying down. This is the first Meet where he hasnt hit allot of PR’s

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Max Effort lower:

decided to add another movement into the rotation…

Band assisted Dead lifts: Using this as a overload movement, nothing extreme on the deload on the bottom at most 50lbs.
Worked up to a 1 RM today and dropped back 80% for 2 x 3. We wont even talk about the weight used. Might actually run these again since I haven’t used them in years .

Goodmornings: 3 x 5-8 worked up to 240 . Decided it was time to start really pushing these harder To bring up the lower Back strength
Belt Squats: 3 x 8-10 @ SW
Standing Band crunches: 5 x 20


I thought we were concentrating on the younger one for awhile.

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I flip flop

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Max Effort Upper


dumb bulldog

Interesting … i figured something would be pissed off today. Luckily everything is feeling fine.

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I feel ya, but hands down Garth (went earlier this year) is the best concert I’ve been to, the man is flat out an entertainer. And he plays nothin’ but his hits, the atmosphere was killer.

Edit: Just caught up and realized that was like…2 weeks ago.


Dynamic lower

pre hab

Just too lazy to type it out at the moment

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It says it all there right on the page no need to add more, good work.

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Dynamic Lower:
Speed Bench: 8x3@60% ,1x2@70% ,1x1@80% good bar speed this week. Along with shoulders not feeling as beat up and stretched out from using a regular bar again on speed squats.

Dips: reps and sets. Decided to put these back into my training
Seated DB presses: 3 x 10
Band Pulldown: 5x10
Shoulder prehab



two things… ugh wife talked me into getting a Flu shot a few days ago. Yes I know your not suppose to get sick from it. BUT for some strange reason I always end up feeling worn down a few days after.

The other I decided to go ahead and dub squatting with my Buffalo Bar as a ME movement. Since it is slightly different than using a standard bar for myself.

Max Effort Lower:

Buffalo Bar Squat: Worked up to a top set of 500 ( actually wore a belt on that set.) backed off down to 70% of top set and did 2 x 8 @ 350

Good mornings: 3 x 5 @ 245
Hip Belt Squats: 3 x 10 @ SW
Standing band crunches: 5 x 20
Band leg abductions : 3 x 20

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yep…Im feeling it this morning.


Well, beats the feeling flu gives one.

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Got fed up and had some modification done to the J hooks on my Power Rack done by a fabrication guy at my work.

Pre modification


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Bar sliding around on the old hooks? Hoping you have tested those welds :wink:

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Actually no… The main issue the j hooks was it were interfering with staying tight on my set up with heavier weight on bench.

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