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Bull Testicles in Supplements?


So I was at work the other day and I was taking my supps in front of a co-worker. You're standard stuff. Multi, fish oil, uni-liver etc. Well she start's asking what all I'm taking and I tell her. She says she though the big brown ones (the uni-liver) were "Russian Bear."

I naturally ask "what's Russian Bear?" She explains that her fiance and one of his friends take this "Russian Bear" supplement and swear it's the best thing ever. I've met her fiance and he's a pretty built dude and figure it's worth looking into. A quick google search produced an ingredient list.

So I was reading it and thinking....oh this is just a multi....some other stuff that's pretty common...yohimbe, creatine, aminos, etc....What's this? Glandulars? that the hell are Gladulars?

Adrenal, Pancreas, Thymus, Pituitary, Hypothalamus, and Orchic. Orchic? what the hell is that? Another quick google search and it's BULL TESTICLE!

I take the uni-liver but I think there's a distinct line in sand between liver and testicle. Apparently almost every product in this brand's line incorporates testicles and other glands. I don't know about everyone else but I'd have to be pretty convinced that this stuff works before taking some bull balls.

I know this may not be news to some people but it was news to me and I don't know many people that are that into weightlifting that would even care to listen about this. Apparently it was all the rage in the 80's and early 90's.

So...Anyone going to own up to eating some bull nuts?




i'd rather stick pins in my eye's n blow my dog . so you can take that as NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


I don't see the big deal? Calf fries are delicious!


It's a delicacy in some cultures. I don't give a shit if it works it works.


It's just food.


How bout you grow some balls of your own and just train really fucking hard and quit worrying about supplements.


If I recall correctly, bull testicles is how they were first able to extract testosterone...other than that, I'm sure organ meats are rich in nutrients (which I'm sure you know from taking the uni-liver) so it probably wouldn't hurt.


So do you now take 2 at a time?


One of the first "gainers" I ever tried back in the 90's had "orchic" listed in the ingredients. I had no clue what it was, but I did put on a few lbs that summer that I took it twice a day (later realizing it was simply because of the extra food I was eating in addition to the magical supplements I was taking at the time, the gainer and Vandyl Sulfate, combined with being home from college and not having to walk around everywhere all day).

Glandulars were a big BS supplement back then (1990's), the rationalization was that ingesting a certain gland from an animal source would improve your corresponding levels (ie. ingesting the gland responsible for T-production would somehow increase your own levels). Basic science though tells anyone with half a brain that taking such an ingredient orally would simply leave it to digest in the stomach, and it would have no effect whatsoever. Still, I'm sure some people were suckered. The "Russian Bear" line of supplements was garbage, and they would basically throw minuscule amounts of every 'hot' ingredient as they could into the jar/capsule/whatever. Totally worthless if you want my opinion.



x1, except 'glandulars' were around in the 80's too. I think Gironda was into them (but not sure, it was alooong time ago) he certainly liked des. liver.


I read an interview with a Doctor from Ontario concerning 'glandulars' and the attack on them as supplements. He said that they did research with glandulars and a nuclear tracers. He said the heart glandulars, the thyroid, and several others were traced in the blood and eventually they settled in the identical portion of the human body. When asked about "why" the Doctor says that only God knows why this is true, but the science could not be argued.

And yes, the arguements of this should have been destroyedl in the stomach are still out there. Some people will not let science cloud what they have to say.


I'd be very curious to see an actual scientific study supporting that Doctor's comments. And what exactly does 'settling' in a portion of the body actually maean? Are we actually discussing improving functioning, or that the raw materials just happened to end up constructing a few cell walls.

If glandualrs had ANY evidence of working, you don't think in the last 30 years the general public would have heard at least a slight murmur about them (Oprah wouldn't be screaming about 'em on her show?! -lol)



wasn't there a Russian Bear gainer where the recipe was to mix an ENTIRE BOTTLE of the stuff into an ENTIRE GALLON of milk and drink it over the day?

Sounded pretty sweet.


Ha, yep. Gironda was big on taking glandulars using the logic of what he called "Like builds like." Want higher Testosterone? Then it "makes sense" to eat testicles. Want a stronger liver and the associated benefits... mega-dose liver tabs, etc.

I only played around with those types of supplements once or twice in the '90s, when I was in my late teens and obviously in need of hormonal assistance :wink:. All I really remember about them was the truly heinous smell and aftertaste.


Rocky Mountain oysters? delicious


im pretty sure dessicated-pig-thyroid is used to treat hypothyroidism

i've just found out im hypothyroid (19 yo = im screwed lol) and an internist i talked to said the only reason people still take the glandulars are because they think they're more "natural" than any of the synthetic T3's


There is very good reason why "in the past 30 years" the FDA and others have not publized this information. They cannot patent anything that is natural. Thus zero profits for the pharma companies nor their friends at the FDA. Want more, see the movie or video "Bruzynski" about the FDA and drug companies abuse of the Dr. From Houston.

Example on natural products, NIACIN. In order to have something to patent a pharma "touched up" niacin and another chemical and sell it as prescription Niaspan. Notice the TV commercials? What you are not hearing about is the number of people who were prescribed, (Dr. office $100 + pharmacy of $XX.00) and the people had trouble, sleep, with the touched up pill. No you are not going to hear a lot of promotion for natural products by the government.

I recently listened to a lawyer who works in the FDA circle and am even more disgusted with the abuses he mentioned, and their determination to not allow any positives or natural products. At one time Beyer wanted to sell their German product of asprin & vitamin C in the US. The FDA did not approve, as it would be an endorsement that C works.


I don't know about supplements BUT I'm from Colombia and we eat them fuckers broiled up...they are tasty and I don't see the big deal. It's tasty and it has protein, what more do you want?


sounds like a bunch of bullshit IMO... speaking of which