Bulkman's Training Program?

i’m not sure what to do read somewhere and cameup with this
all are 4x8 i alternate between program A and B each week. i only have acess to a gym monday - thursday
Program A
BB Bench Press
Seated Row
Military press
Pull up 4x max
Dumbell Swing
Calf Raises

Program B
DB Bench Press
Bent over row
Dip 4x max
Lat Pull
Leg extension
Lunge Calf Raises

Program C
Chin ups
tri-cep extension lying
DB Bi-cep curl
Tri-cep Extension up right
lying DB curl

Monday: lunch Program A, Afternoon Program C
Wednesday: Program A
Thursday: Lunch Program A, Program C
Friday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

just getting everyones thoughts

There’s a thread on the beginner forums called Starting Strength: The Guide, go to it, read it and do the program from there.

Bulkman, a couple of ideas-

I’m guessing you’re a beginner. At this stage in your development, you’ll get much more out of more compound movements than the isolative ones. Ditch the tricep extensions and bicep curls, and do more dips and pullups/rows.

Second, if you’re gonna workout 2x/day, try and make sure you’ve got at least six hours in between workouts. But even better would be that, instead of trying to lift 2x monday, once on wednesday, and 3x on thursday, just lift once a day mon-thurs. You’ll be fresher, and allow more time for adaptation.

Also, if you’re bulking (anything else would bely your name), instead of doing HIIT, make saturday a park-day; go to a park and do things like scap pushups and pullups, plyometrics, and work on your hip flexibility. Park-days are something I found early on to be effective at making sure i’m covering all my bases, as far as preventing injury goes.

Reading the starting strength guide is a good thing to do- starting strength is a much better put together program than yours, no offense intended. But it’s not like you won’t see results so long as you’re squatting, deadlifting, and eating enough.