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Bulkman's Log for Bulking

been reading through alot of other training logs and thought i had to start one my self. i’m 16 and have been lifting pretty reguarly for 2 and half years. i only have acess to a gym between monday-thursday.

not really sure if this is alright but heres what i’ve been doing for the past month
Monday: Lunch Legs afternoon: Back and Bi-ceps
Tuesday: Afternoon: Tri-ceps and Chest
Wednesday: Morning: Back and Bi-ceps
Thurday: Lunch: Legs Afternoon: Tri-ceps and Chest

my lunch time sessions are much shorter than the other. their usually about 45mins and other sessions are an hour plus. i do a 4x8 thing on each exercise usually going to failure and i move my weight up if i complete this

went for a run today because i’m really training for AFL(austrlian football Leugue)
ran 2km then did 4xhillsprints and then 4xuphill agillity sprints weaving in and out of trees. then another 2km run home.

any comments or thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Legs Session
consisted of
4x8 squats at 154

4x12 calf raises 180

4x15 hammy thrusts BW

4x8 Step ups 132

Leg Press
3x8 374

also had a back and Bi’s day
Seated row 4x8 60

Lat pull
4x8 130

Upright row
4x8 77

assisted pull ups

Drop set of bi cep curls
8 + 4 negs of 55
8 + 4 negs of 44
8 + 4 negs of 33

did a core of
3 x 12 of leg raises BW
3x15 v-sits 22
3x8 legraises BW
3x8 of Russian twists 22

thought i’d just put in my stats
weight 171.6
height 170cm
would like to play next year at 176 kilos so looking to get to 185 and then cut down by the start of the season

had a chest and tri’s day
Bench press was
4x8 of 60kg

military press
4x8 of 35kg

DB incline press
4x8 22.5kg

3x8 of 15kg and 1x8 of 12.5kg

close grip BB press
3x8 of 40kg (these were hard and i had a very sore shoulder)

tried doing other tricep exercises but felt a stinging pain in my shoulder right after each set

thinking of taking the rest of this week off becasue of my shoulder and think that i need a week off been training on for more than 6 weeks