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Hello. I am currently training for MMA fighting. I am walking around at 165 lbs. I would like to bulk up to 185 lbs so I can cut down when I fight to 170 weight class. Previosly I did all heavy lifting with low reps ( Squats, deadlifts, snatches, military press). But I never seemed to gain much size. What would be the best lifting routine (certain exercises, reps, weight,etc) to do in order to bulk and still be conducive to my MMA training? Im very confused at this point due to all the mass amount of conflicting information ive heard. Thanx for any help.

Id say keep lifting with the same moves and a focus on strength and speed. but this time eat to gain. You wont gain on ant lifting program unless you eat for it and with the MMA training, conditioning etc… plus the lifting that will mean a LOT of food.

I’d say stick with the heavy weights and low reps. Maximal strength is key for MMA power and for packing on the size. The bottom line is you have to eat…a lot…all the time. If you’re not sick of eating you’re not eating enough. Try to estimate your caloric expenditure every day and how much you’re getting from your current diet. You might be surprised how few calories you are getting, especially with all the cardio work that MMA requires.

Thanx for the replies guys. I figured out, I think, why I wasnt gaining size before. I was not eating enough calories. I have been a big health food nut and I ate predominately clean and healthy food. But with all the food I was eating, I wasnt getting enough calories. This next 6-8 weeks of training/lifting/mma work im gonna let my diet slip and not be afraid to eat not so healthy. I want size and an unhealthy diet is not a permanent thing. Just long enough to pack on the mass. Anyways thanx once again for your’e replies. People are alot nicer hear than at mma.tv ug boards. Damn I got a lot of bullshit comments from those fuckers when asking about bulkin.